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  1. I simply need a ban reduction. thank you, but can you do some some constructive criticism next time please
  2. I understand, thank you for your contribution
  3. Steam Name: Crispin Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54183216 In game name and rank: Lord Crispin, Pilot Lieutenant Crispin, Inquisitor Crispin (x4) , HK-47 CR1SP1N, Sergeant Crispin. How long was the ban: Permanent Little Issued the Ban. Whitey did it. When was the ban: Last Year. Reason for ban: Minging, Mass RDM Explain the situation: So Basically I had been minging ever since Moose had removed my HK-47 droid because I asked how his day was and he thought I was minging and basically I tried to turn myself around and I just couldn't. In all honest
  4. What do you like doing @Little5avage
  5. So I was born on Naboo and I enlisted to the army and I joined the army and I became storm trooper and I make my way up the ranks slowly to where I was, I have lots of experience and I really enjoy cooking because I think it is important to do something you love, post what you love doing in your free time in the comment section!!!!
  6. Yeah kosmos came to me one day and he opened up about his problems and i told him to resign to get better. no one liked pureus so who caree
  7. I was gone for abit, what's happened while I was gone?
  8. Crispin


    My nAme is crispin I am ex staff ex commander of imperial gaming but hi
  9. My name crispin I join and @Guskywalker saw how good I was and begged me to join DT and I joined and then I got them promotions and shit and then I left for SG when @GranolaBar was commander because why the fuck not and then I hit that yeet and left again and then I dont know but @Kosmos was really proud of me and then I rained money on the server and everyone was happy and then @suna called me out and got me pk'd because he thought he was cool and he made fun of me because of my accent and then I recycled my donation money and became inquisitor and @Mauler was really nice to me an
  10. Crispin

    New Event Idea

    Flying potatoes would be a good event
  11. What a classic Snickers comin' back +1
  12. Does this mean the Inquisitor system will never come out ;-;
  13. 30 minutes late, bit sad imo
  14. Well my internet got kinda messed up when we switched to NBN and I haven't had internet for like 3 weeks, I just got it back today and thats why I have been inactive, Apparently they are still fixing it so my internet may be slow. - Crispin
  15. Hey Dude, Do you think you could do another one for me please <3 Well basically I was wondering if I could have something like this image but with Shock you know. My model is: models/lord/lord.mdl and I don't mind which Model you choose for Shock like upto you <3 and with some Text I was wondering Something on the Lines of Lord Crispin Lord of The Shock Battalion Well something like that (In a cool font), anyway I hope you have fun if you do this!
  16. What do you want in your sig: Shiba inu, Name, some cool effects (I don't mind) Model links: Any Shiba Model
  17. If you aren’t drug free you can’t hang with me
  18. This is my Carassius auratus, he is 2 years old
  19. Were you banned previously before you couldn't connect?
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