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  1. Would love to speak to you in ts tommorow
  2. Would love to speak to you in ts tommorow
  3. Considering last time we spoke was well over a year ago really means something. Your judging me over text and when I am offering to speak to you and talk about things you don’t wish to do that? You seem to have a grudge on me and I want to resolve that but obviously you don’t. I don’t understand where this deep emotion comes from but I feel as you need a hug ?. Yes I am a proud staff member of another community but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be unbanned. Besides this time I am just asking for a reduction not a full unban. This was ages ago, how am I suppose to remember what wr
  4. Yes I understand I was given a chance before and I botched it up but no one is perfect and all humans make mistakes
  5. Shit can someone move this to the ban appeal section not accepted section @Wolf
  6. Steam Name: Crispin Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:54183216 In game name and rank: Lord Crispin, Pilot Lieutenant Crispin, Inquisitor Crispin (x4) , HK-47 CR1SP1N, Sergeant Crispin. Snapchat: crispinmills How long was the ban: Permanent Who issued the ban?: Carnifex When was the ban: February Reason for ban: Constant Minge | No intent to RP Explain the situation: I was banned for lying or something, not 100% sure on what I was banned for something on the lines of minging. (THIS WAS MONTHS AGO SO IDK) Why you deserve to be unbanned: I know what I did was wro
  7. The fact where I cannot vote no implying I am "getting into the norm" is utterly stupid. This should get removed for shitposting. @Ridge @Wolf
  8. "Interupted a staff sit" If you are doing a staff sit do it not in an RP ZONE, he was literally fail rp'ing right now.
  9. You name is literally "Ultimate Shitposter" I went up to him and asked him what he was doing
  10. I was legit walking in doing some passive RP and then he froze some dude in the middle of the stairway and I say, whats going on here (Obviously in RP) then he grabs me and starts moving me around and stuff and I'm like wtf, he is doing an admin sit right in the middle of an RP zone........ Evidence: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1328649901 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068632161/screenshot/914666987396581236 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198068632161/screenshot/914666987396581236 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656119
  11. Stop trying to steal my fame smh I was still first
  12. thank Yoy it was history of ig
  13. I was the first 73-# in the Imperial Gaming Death Troopers. It all started off when I first joined many months ago and before that we didn't have 73-1 or 73-2, we had a simple set of 2-3 numbers so it would be DT-53 something like that and me being me, I decided when gusky walker invited me to his Death Trooper regiment, I chose the numbers 73 and it was unique and then later on @Guskywalker decided to change the system and he decided on the numbers 73 and thus is the story of the first Death Trooper who inspired the designation of numbers that I am not sure are still used t
  14. I agree, I have known megamasha for along time and i used to have him on Skype when we played mc.. i want to show you how muchto ive changed but to only look at the bad things I've done. i haven't always been like that.
  15. No offence but all i did was a small joke?
  16. THank you, this is what I desire.
  17. Just making the assumption I haven't changed makes me sad, I see where you are coming from and you are not wrong. I will admit I have Been disrespectful and rude in the past but I give you my word I have changed
  18. Mistakes make us human, its past my curfew so i need to sleep but i hope to speak to you tommorow or ridge or wolf
  19. Everyone makes mistakes and i want to make it up to you. I beg you reconsider
  20. I just want to goto the good days of getting nervous when tryouts happen and I miss the server and the regiments. I know I'm not the best but I just want to redeem myself and I do not know how. I just want 1 chance to prove to you that I have matured and I have become better.
  21. Maybe we can talk over teamspeak?
  22. Sorry I'm on my phone. i Did the screenshot thing as a joke and I apologised in charbox I was trying to brighten up people i just want to not be permanent banned, I just want a date where I can look forward to being unbanned
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