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  1. This means more than you think
  2. Those were the days man, Still got the legacy in the reg atm haha giving them tools and dupes that i had when i was commander
  3. Our legacy and dupes live on in the SC regiment
  4. Hi Sir ;_; good to see your name
  5. Oh Wombat <3 Hope to see you around more often! PM me on steam
  6. Oh seriously?? I thought the E-11 was bad i feel so sorry for you
  7. Long term member returning and getting back in the swings of everything Glad to see so many faces i can recognise and catch up with people and how their lives are going! Can't wait to meet the newer people and start the rank grind <3 Long term commander and Event Master so I'm happy to help in any way possible! What regiment do you guys recommend??
  8. I just pray I can shoot straight with the E-11 in 81st, Shooting training sucks when this happens but ST'S are suppose to be like that i guess, spray and pray
  9. What time does this start? because I'll be there and i'll bring a mate with me, we will need to find a team though
  10. Well then, I guess this is happening, yeah fam ill grab Caboose, Crims and Anna to come. Gonna be good
  11. I know a better song to sing @Parks
  12. Edwards

    V.5 complete

    @Caboose I don't know how to feel about this (last 5 seconds of the video)
  13. +1 will be more interesting for the regiments that have access to vehicles.
  14. Edwards

    Staff praise?

    +1 great idea overall.
  15. Please just remove [IG] from my name, been like this for to long but cbf changing it ty
  16. 1. My goal is to be good enough one day in the near future to earn the title "Head Event Master" 2. I want to meet and communicate with the members/users of the server alot more as i feel like all i know is the staff and long time members of IG 3. Find another way to do more for the server than just acting Head EM 4. I send my dear wishes to my grandma that is getting really sick so at least my family can spend another christmas with her
  17. Hi I like pineapples on my pizzas.
  18. I personally don't think this is necessary but i will not stop it as people want it. Just 1 favour though, please dont spawn them in during events <3 sorry to be a party pooper
  19. Sad to see you go don't get up me for storming into the bridge just to say hello now
  20. I do not agree with this Goodbye my lover <3
  21. -1 My heart broke a little reading this :'( its sad to see you go, i wish you all the best my good friend <3
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