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  1. 6 hours ago, Strix said:

    So Bibleman after multiple in character actions such as shooting up try outs and suicide attempts I was called by compnor to explain your punishment. I was recommended a 2 rank demotion and a internal re education and while i was explaining this to you in game I crashed. 

    you then took it upon yourself to try and escape to nova to get no demotion of your actions. mind you I had Stevo PM to stay in ST bunks while you loaded on.
    so once i loaded back on I am told by yuar you are busy and you didn't respond so i demoted you 1 rank. 
    you argued with me and staff for 15 minutes straight and pro was too kind enough to give you a 1 rank demotion transfer.
    I showed you the mercy of giving you a chance to keep CL2 and you decided to make a mockery of me on the forums calling me a dog and how I was in the wrong.

    I could have easily given you a 2 rank demotion or a 3 rank. fuck ISB even said if he was too "mentaly unstable " they would have let you out the army which would have been a PK.

    In the end you fucked up multiple times in game. You refused to act up to your actions and blamed it on a " bad week " then continued to try and abuse OOC to get out of it.

    And I am the dog.

    You can't make assumptions without knowing what goes on behind the scenes

    Edit: i also had personally asked SK to shorten the timer for your brig sentance

    lmao dude really wrote an essay cringe

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  2. 1 minute ago, Setsuna said:

    I'm done man, you guys just downvote, everything I have heard from each of you is a different story. Too hard to follow and I can't be bothered trying to help if you're not going to listen. 

    I find it hard to see how any of the MT are bringing a different story when all we want is for management to actually have some form of communication with MT... Its not that hard to understand 

  3. 2 hours ago, Twist said:

    If there are no tactics when it comes to events get your CO to take it to IHC. I'm sure there are plenty of regiments that feel as if they don't have much to do in events that will be glad to help you guys, if no there is no harm in asking.

    I understand this argument, however, regardless of whether we are supported by troopers all shooting at an EC, thus protecting medics they always manage to tank enough shots to be able to kill us

  4. 5 minutes ago, Blazebeard said:

    In no way shape or form are the Medical Troopers meant to be considered as "glass cannons", or having any sort of "cannon" at all.

    You've misunderstood what I mean by "Glass Cannon", I mean it in the way that we are easy to kill, and should be, but that we should have the ability to have productive healing (the cannon) which we currently dont have.

    7 minutes ago, Blazebeard said:

    Your main complaint seems to be the lack of a defensive option to stop yourself from becoming a target, but that's the point.

    My main point was that we are already the main target in a group and that we shouldn't be furthering that fact by being locked in place while reviving. Instead adding something like the self-healing cooldown when shot.

    8 minutes ago, Blazebeard said:

    The Medical Troopers have the tools to achieve something that no one, not even most Event Characters, can do... Revive their teammates.

    Currently something that we can't do effectively even behind cover due to the fact that it is broken 99% of the time as evident in an event today.

    9 minutes ago, Blazebeard said:

    You're not meant to be able to hold your own as you need to rely on your allies, the same as your allies rely on you.

    Didn't mention this once and even stated that this isn't something that we can do due to the 10 second cooldown on self-healing, but yes I agree we should be able to rely on our allies, though not entirely practical in an event setting where ECs can tank enough shots to kill us.

    12 minutes ago, Blazebeard said:

    Instead of asking for buffs or complaining on the forums

    Are we not allowed to discuss issues that we feel need to be dealt with on a public stage to allow insight from others?

    14 minutes ago, Blazebeard said:

    Reinforce the idea in other regiments that you need protecting.

    Great idea in theory, won't happen when we die in 0.2 seconds even with the support of other regiments due to the ECs being able to tank enough shots to kill us.

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  5. I have no problem with event characters targeting medics, its something that we have to deal with regularly, however, as it stands we have no defence against this even when in cover which is why I suggested raising our healing output to counteract this. As for defibs, I have already made a suggestion to deter medics from reviving while in the open (5-second timer after being shot similar to self-heal) along with other suggestions such as 2x damage to medics while holding defibs.

    My main point realistically is that due to us being heavily targeted during events, we should have the ability to reduce that as much as possible instead of being locked in place for 10 seconds while reviving as even if we do this in cover it still opens a 10 second window for ECs to push and kill us thus further lowering our survivability.

    I also understand the whole RP side of the argument, but in this setting when we are already so targeted I don't see the nerfs applied as fair

    In essence we are glass cannons without the cannons at the moment

  6. With the addition of multiple new members to the Medical Troopers, they have all bought up the same issues with our kit. The primary issues are the rate of healing as well as the defibs after the recent nerf. Now I understand why the loadout was nerfed, however, the balance changes that were applied went over the top in multiple areas. The defibs currently have a 10 second cooldown? which locks you in place while reviving allowing for event characters to target medics more than they already do, not to mention that they don't work 99% of the time as shown in a recent event where for the entire duration the medics were unable to revive anyone who had died causing them to spend 30 seconds out of the game, running back to the battle, where previously they would have been revived and back in the battle within 10-15 seconds. To reach a middle point I would ask that the defibs were returned to their original form while leaving those revived at 10-25% HP as suggested by multiple people.

    The other key issue that is frequently bought up is the bacta injectors healing speed being too slow, I'm not talking about self-healing as there is already a measure in place to prevent this, but instead using the bacta injector to heal other troopers. As it stands, in order to heal someone we need to entirely remove ourselves from the fight due to the speed of healing. Furthermore, it requires us to be in one place for a significant amount of time, giving event characters another opportunity to kill us. I would ask that the bacta injector is sped up to allow medics to heal effectively.

    Ultimately, as it stands the rate of healing that we have is not balanced with the chance of dying that we have when using our equipment. There are a number of good suggestions that have been made to prevent medics from reviving in a combat situation such as the suggestion of adding a 5 second revive cooldown when shot similar to the self-healing cooldown in combination with the 10-25% health on revive. I would ask that more though and effort are put into regimental changes before they make it to the server and instead of only making negative changes and that those changes made are made in a balanced way.

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