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  1. Imperial Guard/Shadow Guard are redundant roles that provide almost no roleplay to the server and should be removed as they're wasted slots that people could be elsewhere providing more to the server. Marauders (I assume they're still a regiment) are just inquisitors number 2 doesn't matter how you put it, just inflates the amount of forces users on the server and should be removed from the server." Last time I hopped on the server, the server was 33% wizard, way too much. Should be just inquisitors and purge. As far as roleplay goes, feel free to continue to kill people, who cares
  2. Broke my collar bone in rugby
  3. Was the server ever serious to begin with? If you look at any other proper serious roleplay servers (HL2RP, Text base Servers on other games) you'll find that the server is semi serious at its most serious times. I think a mix of both is fine anyway. Being able to mess around with your friends on Gmod is what its all about. I think people who demand that the server be serious at all times surely can't expect that to be the case and vice versa. Whether or not roleplay is serious should just be subjective to the situation at hand rather than what the server puts in its title. For example, engine
  4. pokemon on gameboy colour can't remember what one it was
  5. Leave tools to the engineers brother, if you want tools join engineers. The main incentive to join the regiment is that you gain access to tools, if anything tools should be more restricted to non-engineers.
  6. The one with the punchable chin
  7. I don't think the issue will be solved in any way by a overhaul or re-adding the old regiments that got removed considering the lack of people to move into those newly formed regiments. There's several problems that all come together that put Army at a severe disadvantage. Biggest problem I think is incentive and I've said this in other discussions that are related to this one and its just not there, there's no incentive to join a army regiment over what the other branches have to offer, the largest comparison being Shadow/Compforce. Army regiments should all have niche roles not taken by o
  8. Shit WiltOS is coming to the server? @Hyperion Don't fuck it up this time bro
  9. Leave the building to engineers, the regiment exists for a reason. Big -1 Only ones that should have tools at all times is staff and engineers, literally no need to take engineers job and niche away from them.
  10. Fredrick

    NPC Kills

    NPC events are generally quite boring anyway, if anything fewer would be better
  11. I don't think compforce need cloak in order to perform their duties but that's another matter that's off-topic. The point I'm trying to make is that regiments should be tied to a niche and should be the one that handles that niche, if you require a particular skill for a mission, you outsource to those regiments. For example, you need a jetpack for a mission you go to Sky troopers, you need someone to build fortifications you go to engineers. The problem with military is that most other branches can fill almost every single niche that they can offer through their own load outs (with the exc
  12. Before I get into this I just want to say this is only one problem that needs to be fixed, not the whole issue. I think a large amount of wanting to join a regiment in some peoples mind is the loadout. "Oh I want to join Shadow, they have cloak that's cool". However what you end up happening is all these non-military regiments end up having the best load outs and can be demotivating to army regiments. For example, why join shadow troopers when you can join Comp Force? You get cloak + taser as well as protection from compnor. The fact that Compforce was actually given cloak was a massive spit i
  13. Fredrick

    Just a Take

    I'd do this to the bloke on the left
  14. Hyperion slimed his way into a closet and tried to wait for me to die. Had to make a deal with the devil. If anyone wants to play any dbd feel free to hit me up.
  15. What about up shit creek?
  16. Can we please bring back Santos rp Yeah Clone wars would be sweet to tryout
  17. Ahahaha as soon as that lambda opens its gates mate it turned into a dog eat dog world, left you to those two ewoks to rot, unlucky you made it out but
  18. Can't wait to belt some mutts
  19. Perhaps have security line up as well with the exception of maybe two or so troopers manning the entrance to to the stage. Compforce, Shock, DT, Chimaera, Nova and purge(?) (Not sure if I missed any security or not. ) make up a large portion of the active community base and their assigned role is to stand against the wall of the stage which honestly just looks weird. Put them in the lines and it'll make the debriefs look more lively.
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