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  1. Name:Cogz Server Playtime: 3weeks 1d Have you played Mount & Blade previously?:M&b (WB Fire and Sword NW Viking Conquest) Extra Info:Mods and Mods and Mods and split the australian community in half once about 1000 hours in Warband (native NW and multiplayer) roughly and sadly about 68 hours in fire and sword and just under 200 hours with Mount and blade
  2. Name: Cogzell Server Playtime: 2 week 11 hours 15 hours Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: Yes NW was my sh*t started teh biggest regiments fight also infighting Extra Info: rookie numbers but i got about 2000 hrs between MB, Warband and fire and sword mods and mods and native oh and mods
  3. start up a santos server few days latter starting to get more players then (person in question) DDOS
  4. I believe it either a chair or a ddos form a certain Santos server (anybody from M&B NW knows) its feels like a DDOS
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    I understand I had 700 health for two days then they downed it now I have 370 maybe sickness will be worth going to the medbay for
  6. Cogzell


    I still think its too high as a shock trooper with DLT-40 it takes about 30 to 50 bullets to kill someone with high health
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    The health boosts on the server are good but way to OP every trooper should have health between %100 and %250 maybe 300 but i seen people with 500 700 health any firing line with six people can be jumped easy and you won't have to set Event Characters health at %1000 to %1500 I can see regiments using more formations then a firing line and strategy in combat and shields i know players have them but they are pointless when 2 %500 heath boost players come in with huge fire power it's just as good as using a shield if not better I understand the devs had just put in a whole se
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