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  1. Chuck us an add mate Mozzaa42
  2. Name: Dramon Server Playtime: 3 Weeks Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: I have been wanting to however the game is too old and dosent look very appealing to me. But this new one looks really good and im going to give it a crack on realease Extra Info: When?
  3. Ive just had this problem. Delete your game and Addons then try again, it worked for me like 3 days ago.
  4. This is Actually Some quality stuff dude good job
  5. Dramon

    Misahu Snaps

    Misahu is always angry. I swear
  6. Cya Wombaticuzz didn’t have much to do with ya but you a great bloke. Good luck with year 12
  7. Disappointed in you dramon Whats wring with Fortnite?
  8. Would be good as a Tuesday map, but instead of once a Fortnite, do it every Tuesday instead. Cos ngl, this map is kinda fire
  9. I had this issue last night, i deleted my mods and re-downloaded
  10. I apologise bibleman, i didnt read it, i just assumed, thank you for including me
  11. Bibleman i still havent been featured mate? Whats going on...
  12. And DT loses everytime
  13. The ISB gang is going to be better @Bibleman, lookout mate
  14. @Bibleman You said you were going have me play a big part in this chapter
  15. Didn't need one mate, I've been changing lights all my life, never once stuffed it up.
  16. I dont think you understand the situation quite correctly, the whole unit was broken mate, we had to take the whole thing out...I say we done a quality job.
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