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  1. -1 is wanted for tax evasion in 13 US states
  2. Discord ID: Clarence#4018 Reason for ban: Free speech attempt Why I should be unbanned: Because I believe I am a better fit as a member of the Imperial Gaming Community Discord compared to other people still in the discord.
  3. Refer to my first sentence
  4. As long as you aren't known to be a fucking idiot on the server then you can literally express your interest in AWR to someone in AWR and have a good chance of getting in. Don't like your chances though.ㅤ
  5. ill take your credits thanks
  6. Yo Anderson MT have some slots, come join!
  7. +1 Its been a long time since you got banned, during your time in 374th you were alright and had your moments, but it's been a while and I think you've probably grown up enough to play on the server and follow the rules.
  8. Anyone play overwatch regularly?

    1. Delta


      no, but do you wanna play something else

  9. roll up to my workplace, break an expensive machine, say dont worry I'll pay for it and then saying that I quit, I would then proceed to spend all of my money in a childish and stupid way, buying a million more lotto tickets
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