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  1. i really like that your looking out for this joel big respect
  2. I have never witnissed such beutiful writings i am amazed at the sheer godhood of them thank you for sharing this with us
  4. We could always just strap a underbarrel to everyones gun and bam
  5. So the main reason its not around a thousand in my events is because i feel like a group of ragtag enemies wouldnt have as effective armour as a imperial so shooting them should basically be an insta down, but then again changing it to more higher health would be decent for higher pop Veterans getting more powerful weapons kind of is a reward thing showing like if you put the dedication to the server you get rewarded although if there were less options for high damaging weapons could be a lil bit easier for EC to cope this one is usually based on the th
  6. Jeria

    Empire Day 2020

    i liked it, only problem i had was an AT-DP ramming me every second
  7. +1 would love to see ig clone wars
  8. Jeria

    Nerf Dio

    honestly i find it a lil funny watching a droid with a rocket launcher killing EC what idont enjoy tho is hearing for 10 minutes afterwards is i hate dio over and over again and it's not aimed towards phobia or anything phobia is genuinely good at pvp its the self healing that quite alot of my EC have problem with i understand you cant out heal a gun but a droid healing itself in the first place with bacta is very iffy and combine that with cloak and it slowly starts to become annoying for them idont know if any other EM's have seen this in there events or not all i know is i have soyeah
  9. is there a way to stop the snow particles on the map
  10. Can this be a Tuesday map so the Tuesday we aren't on the DS we go to titan base?
  12. +1 he actually is one of the better trainers we have in STC and he does so without a mic he does a very good job at explaining it and if people are new to the server and dont know how to play can just simply tell hideyoshi and he will go into more details with that person but do understand he needs to train so if we put a rule banning people with no mics he wont be able to progress in his ranks, therefore just locking him at WOI
  13. STC-VS-ISB 4v4 Sea of thieves battle
  14. Jeria


    I will miss you my man you were good man
  15. MINECRAFT SERVER So I have realized we have a very untouched market of players in a specific community which is minecraft. so honestly crackshot idea having a minecraft server would be good
  16. *cough cough* big man tea exist's in star wars https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Tea also its a lil bit mean you called the idea stupid, no idea is stupid just some make no sense???
  17. Jeria https://steamcommunity.com/id/kahu02/ server playtime: 1w 5d 21h why do you want a copy of the game: i have always loved star wars as a child and i grew up playing all the games and watching the shows its just i love the series so much and having the option to play a game that goes indepth into lore for star wars is just an awesome oppurtunity and i would love to explore everything it has to offer anything else: star wars is just a very fun and awesome thing to make your pass time and being on the server helps with that alot so i just wanted to add that i love the s
  18. dragon skin like a dragon wrap or some stuff
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