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  1. Wow Boba took 15 down, big ups
  2. Didn't even read the post but, No
  3. Still trying to find @Binny's personal information stop posting quizzes until I do
  4. I've seen too many to count at this point
  5. Don't worry man Ill base with you 😂 Damn...
  6. I should of been there. Rocket go Brrrr
  7. Damn bro he do be right
  8. Me and by RPG go BRRRR
  9. Just spend to much, Legit would by anything that will look aight
  10. I first starting playing games at the age of four with my dad we would play Gears of war, Halo and borderlands together. Then once I got my own console (Xbox 360) I'd play Bo2 witch was my favorite game at the time with my friends and a bit of Minecraft skipping a couple of years ahead the Xbox one comes out and the game fortnite I'd end up playing the game in till like season seven then switched to Pc games like R6 subnautica etc. Then got into Gmod mainly TTT out of my 8k hours I've probably sunk 5k hours in TTT then went to Starwars Rp. That's how I got into gaming and the games I played.
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