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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/papa_gamma
  2. @KixYeah i am going to do that Tonight
  3. I personally Love this idea and Fully support it! It's a cause worth it! To add, any donations given during that time will be donated towards "The Black Dog Institute" not just Kenny's!
  4. Bitch don't make me rise from the dead and beat yo ass!!
  5. Ever wondered what star citizen was? On the fence about diving in? This should convince you. RVrsLsvW5-I
  6. :') oh you. You're a legend bruv
  7. Gamma


    Awesome so soon you guys will access to a certain part of the forums
  8. Gamma


    if you're in the VDV post your name please so we can add the Tag to you!
  9. Bearmax's only comment ....... Smh
  10. Gamma


    Hey all it's been absolutely awesome working with all members of the staff team, we have built such an amazing community! But now comes the time that i must resign and move on to other things! I of course will always be reachable and here to help IG if it needs me! It's amazing to see such a lively community and I'm just happy to be a part of it <3 Love you all through thick and thin!
  11. Tryouts tonight at 7:30 AEST for anybody interested in joining the Van Diemens Volunteers Defence Corporation!
  12. Ridge has a point. Be proffesional
  13. I feel like we're all about to get to know each other too well Can't wait
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