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  1. I’m crying right now some dude on a Garry’s mod Star Wars roleplaying forum called me a gonk 🥺🥺
  2. Just came here for farewells and everyone hating on me for being a reformed individual
  3. @Death joined July 13 yep okay buddy dk what ur on about
  4. I’ll be back next year to reappeal thanks to you scheff
  5. Some dude tryna bring me down 2018 kids really tryna talk when they weren’t even around keep making stuff up man no one is listening
  6. Don’t think you guys understand, I’ve been trying to appeal since 2017 to no avail this was my final attempt
  7. Thanks for the support but considering you guys don’t understand the extent of my actions because you weren’t present when I played, I thank your gratitude .
  8. Since my appeal has been denied, it looks like that was my final attempt at coming back. I apologise for my past actions to everyone affected and I do not expect forgiveness. I guess I have to move on from here and let this chapter end. Thank you @Wolf for letting me appeal atleast even though it was all for nothing. I hope IG and it’s members good luck on the future. Im pretty sure every og player has a reason to hate me and I don’t blame them. You all believe I haven’t changed and it took me a while to understand that. Perhaps you are true but I’ll guess we will never know.
  9. I can assure you I had no malicious intent on the museum. They probably just said everyone in the discord and I’m sorry for that
  10. Update: im not associated with these guys they tryna pull me back down :((( thats why why I wanna be unbanned so I can find somewhere safe to roleplay
  11. This will help enforce the roleplay that is currently in the server and people will value their lives more. Nice Idea bailey keep up the good work man
  12. You are all like “You obviously show no sense of change judging from your comments.. it looks like you aren’t taking this seriously and this is some kind of joke application”. I can assure you that I am not making fun of these people who don’t support my application. I am just reacting to it because I personally think It is humerus and the fact is, I haven’t used an alt in a long while because your content pack is huge. I don’t wanna cause any drama, I just wanna be unbanned
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