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  1. Ironman

    Droppin' In

    Welcome back. Sincerely, Ironman/Sol
  2. Hopefully, Mickey almost runied my chances of trying out for the regiment I want to join.
  3. Ok so, while I was AFK, some dude named Mickey Garris who was someone I knew (who is also a massive minge) hopped on Imperial Gaming and decided to impersonate me. He was permanently banned from the server and was RDM'ing + Stealing TIEs (general mingery). I want to clear this up that it wasn't me and that Mickey Garris was impersonating me to try and ruin my name and reputation (best guess at what he was trying to do). Haven't done anything wrong and haven't been warned for anything, nor banned. Here's proof:
  4. Not this time buckaroo, im having a good run at this. A fight till the very end. "Have you ever tried Shawarma… I don't know what it is but I want to try it."
  5. It's late, kinda bored so I had an idea. Imma leave this here. Favourite Movie or TV quotes and whatever movie or tv they came from, go (underlined is optional if you want people to guess for some fun)
  6. Very Brave Indeed. Good luck with whatever you deal with, much love. Sincerely, Ironman/Sol
  7. Also, quick note. Will be mega active on the forums as I get myself out there on the server, the good and new me who's here to RP. Thanks for everyone's responses and to the people who lowkey remember me (Siege, Baily, Kamelion and Vanilla). See you lads on the server.
  8. Ironman


    This is very mean and isn't In character at all meaning this will all result to absolutely nothing, even if you reach 100.
  9. Sup, I'm Ironman, or more so known as Tony Stark or Sol for people from the old CWRP days. I used to be a bit of a minge on the server but at this point, I will be 200% serious during RP and will try my best to RP at all times. My activity with Imperial Gaming has been very here and there for months as I haven't kept long-term interest in the server but I'll think I'll give it a go. See you guys on the server because "You know, It's moments like these when I realize how much of a superhero I am" Sincerely, Ironman/Sol, see you boys there
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