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  1. So I'm leaving the community once and for all, I doubt many of you know who I am, or might just think I'm a minge but I am human and shit happens, so I'm sorry to anyone I disappointed as only on Monday I was prepared to become the CO of Engineers, but before I became CO I was considering leaving the server, I was gonna stay but I just can't for my sake. Remember this server doesn't mean anything really in terms of life so if you ever feel like shit or you don't like to play anymore don't think you are forced to play and you can always leave. Remember to take care of yourself and your mental health, see family and friends, don't neglect like I did your personnel health and happiness. This server was great and hope everyone who plays grows up and becomes successful in whatever you want to do. That's it from me catch you guys later...
  2. Yea I notice the same thing Kris, I mean if there is a key-card for it should be fine but we just have to be careful exiting and entering
  3. +1 has had PAC before and has original PAC ideas
  4. Great guy overall and has really good ideas for Events +1
  5. Didn't see and engineer minging or get bullied in comms Disappointing Kris
  6. Yea I do have question which is, where will this be placed in the rotation schedule? and if a map is getting replaced which one?
  7. +1 very nice guy to talk to and app is good
  8. You are pretty chill when I have interacted with you and would be a great fit as an Event Master. It's +1 for me.
  9. Everyone, when CFP made an announcement: /comms *shuts off communicator* those, were the days
  10. BUMP -Will update playtime when I get home
  11. This is sad, hey alexa play despacito *playing despacito by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankke*
  12. Hmmm what could it be?
  13. I would love for restrictions to be lifted on weapons, and having health be increased as a whole would also be good. The reason I believe this as right now I feel I enter a battle as an EC and get killed almost instantly especially on ISD third floor as it's the most protected it kinda gets boring spawned in 500 health when they're enemies (imperials) have 500+ with scatter or Z2's.
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