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  1. What types of Perks we talking about here gusky
  2. Big sad Will miss you @Cecil
  3. about to kill some cat girls

  4. i will kill all cat girls HK-51

  5. i would never push Storm out of tie bays for being a cat girl
  6. @Echodon't make me push you out of tie bays again for being a cat girl
  7. Don't nerf BH HP too much so we don't get swamped and die quickly
  8. Make a rule like BH have where you have to vaule your life and cannot revive or people if there are EC near you
  9. smith

    Source Code Leaked.

    glad it should not affect gmod
  10. Minecraft Name: That_guy_Steveie
  11. with this like bailey said how some regiments are not running and gunning this also include droids boutny hunters and Massiffs
  12. yea i agree even though i am a Bounty hunter and i don't have to do what high command say all i see during events is like 6th army running up to a EC shoot them and run I could do that as i am HK-51 and could tranfur my memorys into another body so I can run to EC and try to kill them. Prob add like a salary system so when you rank up the higher the pay will be like PVT would get like 30 - 50 credit per thing and like the grand general gets like 500 - 700 credits per thing so it makes people want to rank up to get the better salary. and a another cool thing we could use the credits for not jus
  13. smith

    Tazers for BH

    i did not know that becasue only me (4-LOM) IG-88 and Danger are the only active bounty i would gladly switch to zuckuss or other bounty hunter when they do put it up on the donation store
  14. smith

    Tazers for BH

    that is true but the only BH that are active are me dengar and IG-88 and i am waiting for a better BH to become available because all but the people i menton have being inactive
  15. smith

    Tazers for BH

    Recently I have being a Bounty hunter and I tryed to kidnap someone before I made this post I was suggesting if bounty hunter could get tazers because it's really hard to kidnap someone if they are moving around and when they hear the cuff sound they will run or call shock so it really annoy trying to kidnap someone and it will make kidnaps easy and more people might use that hit
  16. i have the same issue
  17. I might play it when i get home
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