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  1. about to kill some cat girls

  2. i will kill all cat girls HK-51

  3. i would never push Storm out of tie bays for being a cat girl
  4. @Echodon't make me push you out of tie bays again for being a cat girl
  5. Don't nerf BH HP too much so we don't get swamped and die quickly
  6. Make a rule like BH have where you have to vaule your life and cannot revive or people if there are EC near you
  7. -1 I agree what binny and stathi said and when ever i see you kind of minge
  8. smith

    Source Code Leaked.

    glad it should not affect gmod
  9. Minecraft Name: That_guy_Steveie
  10. with this like bailey said how some regiments are not running and gunning this also include droids boutny hunters and Massiffs
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