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  1. Love the idea of a shield to fix the idea of survivability for the medical trooper, and I agree with you to some extent, watching you wait there in the middle of combat for 10 seconds just to revive a lowly storm trooper is a bit sad and unfair but its a far cry of all Medics running and jumping into combat to revive 3 people in 5 seconds and getting out alive, its what pisses off most event characters while they're trying to push people back.

    Giving medical troopers access to that placeable circular shield (I dont know what its called for the life of me), except with a smaller radius and less health may prove useful in medics picking their spots on who to revive and who not to revive. On the other hand you should be working in conjunction with other troopers to be able to revive and heal a majority of the people on the frontlines, and frankly to counterject you're other point on waiting in line to get healed, its a huge factor in being a medical trooper and normally you get recognition for it, every reg gets shit in RP for something, not healing people in 1 nano second is just yours. Anyway, working with shock primarily, since they have shields at their disposal is such a massively OP combination and have only seen 1 medical troopers do this, where they take the initiative to tell the shock to march forward a bit with their shields so you can actually revive a trooper.

    Also just a quick excerpt, im not sure if this is exactly fixed, but are medics still like locked in place when ressing someone, meaning that they actually can't move until their either dead or the person has been revived? 

    Finally, the self healing point, and this was nerfed primarily (I think at least) to stop medics combat healing and essentially being immortal, do you have any idea how frustrating it is to deal with a medic as an event character, using a gun equivalent to a E-11 and trying to kill a medic who is just spamming their self healing over and over? Its a waste of time, drains my brain cells and makes me never want to participate in an event again, and I know a few people who don't play EC's anymore primarily depending on how many medics are currently in the server. This is one of the things that I dont think needs to be reverted for a long time, you just need to get used to the fact that you aren't going to be immortal anymore, you might need to run around in packs, and you might need to RELY ON THE SUPPORT OF OTHERS during battles, seriously, that previous point is something that can be solved with a majority of what the medics are complaining about, and yes I do realize that you can't normally control regiments at a whim, but most of us do realize that without a medic in the field, the situation is severely lost.

    (Also don't pick on Bailey too much, there are alot of posts like this that could be formulated into one singular. Better yet a Mega post that the Medics have thought through all their issues and suggestions)

  2. Don't really see a massive need for players to be constantly active to get a tool that allows them to further their lore (and the odd festive competition that is occasionally thrown) ingame, especially when its solely cosmetic.

    And its not a requirement either.


    +1 Excellent Pac designs.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, SCHEFF said:

    As long as they are rewarded retroactively, I'm down

    Certain rare achievements would have to be actually given, most of the achievements however are hooked based - Most achievements can be fitted to count forum reactions, posts, ranks etc and reward you based on what you have.

  4. Disclaimer: I accidentally posted this pre-maturely so sorry for the notification on the server, ill continue to update this throughout the next hour or so (This was meant to be a huge huge post)

    Imperial Gaming

    Community Hub - Issues and Suggestions sub forum

    • This isn't desperately needed, but I feel that an added sub forum to the community hub can and will seperate Imperial suggestions from community wiode suggestions, whether it be a new server suggestion to a community wide suggestion, this forum will be a perfect place for my upcoming suggestions so I dont have to keep posting it in here <3.

    Forum Achievements

    • A way to diversify the forums a tad is to introduce a forum achievement system, a couple forums have them and they are more prevalently found in MyBB, the current milestone system that is on the forum is per post count/reputation (I think its reputation, I could be wrong), each milestone gets you a new badge, but with a added achievement system it could bring in new stuff for the forum and make it look sexier. Although this may increase in shitpost counts, but I feel this community is very lowkey on its shitposting.
    • Name: Suggestor
    • Name: Owner
      • Picture: https://imgur.com/a/im9xgsl
      • How to Achieve: Only achievable by Owners of the community
    • Name: Agreeable 
    • Name: You got me there.
    • Name: Talkative 
    • NameDon't you know who I am??
    • Name: Veteran
    • Name: Gametracker king
    • Name: Hacker Man
    • Name: Management
    • Name: Insightful
    • Name: Forum Lurker
    • Name: 100/500/1000/1500/2000/2500/3000 Posts
      • Picture: Just a simple picture of 100/500/1k so on
      • How to Achieve: Post (x) amount of times
    • NameArtisto
      • Picture: https://imgur.com/a/BZNpG30
      • How to Achieve: Make an art piece for Impeiral
    • Name: Opinion Leader
    • The list could go on with each achievement, hopefully there would be a cap for the achievements so each user isn't filled to the brim with achievements. This is just an aesthetic/interactive system where by being active on the forums and posting regularly (besides shitposting) can and will reward you. I don't know how this could be implemented with already existing reacts on the forums, like will certain people instantly get the achievement based on what they already have? Possibly, a way you could do most of these achievement is to add a hook to what a user posts and how he/she gets reacted and go from there. Also borders around the images would make it a bit aesthetically pleasing.
    • The achievements would go just beneath the post count in small boxes (enter widthxheight)
    • Keep in mind also the picture is just a placeholder to give you a rough idea, the Graphics Team (if they wanted to) can make all the icons custom.

    Delete Option for threads/topics/posts

    • Title. Honestly I can see why you wouldnt add this because its more of a think before you post kind of thing, but it would still be nice to delete certain topics.

    Forum Songs

    • Bit of an iffy thing with this one, certain addons require alot of tweaking because of songs playing too loudly/not loud enough but this could be a good addition to show the communitys likeness in songs when you visit to browse their profile.
    • Example placeholder: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9514-profile-songs/

    Programming/Development Sub Forum?

    • A way for developers around the community to share in their own development interest projects, maps, models, coding, graphic design etc. (Even a business HR chart techincally counts as development in a way). This section could possibly merge into Media if you really wanted to conserve space, but a forum that allows users to view and post on developement interest projects allows users to share creativity and get new people into new hobbies.
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  5. 1 hour ago, Peter said:

    Expansion isn't always the best Idea, from what IG has previously attempted to do (imo the most successful attempt at expansion was the Clone Wars Server) it is rather obvious that the current active playerbase within the community usually fall back to the Imperial Server regardless of the quality presented by the "Expansions". For instance the CW Server died off after a little bit, not only due to mismanagement of certain aspects of the server, but largely due to players returning to the Imperial Server.


    IG may be the largest AUS/NZ SW RP server, but the total active playerbase just isn't big enough to warrant expansions that never go anywhere. I think the Community would benefit from continued attempts to make the current server better/more enjoyable over expansion for the sake of expansion.



    While a great pro as IG is the most active and well reserved AUS SWRP server, it also acts as its own con, for communities to survive into the near future, an active variation of servers need to be considered so to expand the safety net, and while I do agree that the continued development and refinement of the server is a must, I also have to personally view option number 2 as the advantageous pick for the community, starting off slow and working our way up, while still sticking to our roots can soak up the remaining AUS playerbases in most fields. Small, semi active servers that don't draw too many players away from the main server could eventually build up to moderate gamemodes/games having a stable playerbase without the negative impact on Imperial RP, and as I mentioned before Bunnyhop, Surf, Minigames (That have a double sided coin for community game nights)

  6. Expansion. The very word itself brings back the notions of Santos and CloneWars all over again, to which the servers where seen as a joke to most members within the community, whether it be from (alleged) poor planning, extreme lows in player base, community divide, fast-tracked development etc etc. Now these things are just what I've been told so please don't roast me because of them, but I'm losing my mark, what I'm trying (and failing) to do is start an introduction for the suggestion of new servers, from a more developed and advertised Minecraft, to maybe a couple of gmod servers, hell maybe even a 10x rust server could work, but all of these comes with their own ups and downs, with mostly being seen in the downs spectrum.

    The idea of expansion creates a rift, servers themselves split the player base up, through the release of a server, a quarter to half the player base of Imperial might join the new server for a week or so, essentially lowering the active player base by a massive degree. I would like to say Minecraft didn't really do this much since players were able to multitask (Im only speaking from my POV since I was IG at the time and all we did was guard Emp and play with the very same man we were protecting), but servers like Santos was successful in dividing the community just a little too much in terms of overall player performance, and this as we know is incredibly bad as it worsens the stigma of releasing new servers, hell, every time a server was launched there was always a small group seemingly predicting the future; "Oh well this is going to fail" "Hows deadcraft going", and this negative stigma surrounding the introduction of new servers make the server in turn, unsuccessful.

    Sticking to what makes the community active and a genuine 'community' seems to be the majority option for a majority of the people I've spoken to throughout making this post, with some accepting the idea of expansion ONLY when the server itself peaks a 128 players on an active basis (mainly fridays, saturdays), and only then will it purely be a good idea for a new server to be introduced (OR RE-INTRODUCED POGGERS). And while I do agree with this option, like every option, I do see flaws. Its a very sensible idea to continue to refine and develop the server that is getting you the players and getting you the money to pay for the server, but what happens when the server itself gets too boring for a majority of players, when theres too much drama or whatever reason there is, the server slowly depreciates and there's no fall-back option? There's no server where there's somewhat of a safety net?

    "Now Higashi, Ive read through your poorly structured post, what's the point?" Very cool question random voice, well I want a community discussion about the options of expansion, the general notion of said expansion and the possibly advantages and disadvantages of it, for this I've come up with a loose hypothetical optioning system that community members can choose and voice their views (Or just talk about what I said above).

    1.  Continue as we are now for the foreseeable future, solely stick to Imperial RP, continue to refine it and nothing else, as that's what's making us successful.
    2. All eyes and development focused on Imperial RP, but release small servers that require no maintenance, staff, content or management at all - This includes but isn't limited to: Bunnyhop, Surf, Minigames.
    3. Finish the update for Imperial where the community is satisfied (+active player base), and put all hands on deck for a big community update - A well refined, thought out, developed server like DarkRP, CW or any other
    4. "Ive got my own option thankyou!" (Insert your thinking)

    (I know this probably isnt the best time to post this with the current discussions and developer progress that is happening to the server, this is a simple discussion/debate on the idea of expansion for the near future (and possibly not at all), in no way do I want to cause any strife for my post, if there's something you disagree with, you can either reply or DM me personally if you prefer <3)

  7. This remedy is fixed with the incoming changes that were announced earlier/talked over briefly in the community meeting, the tablet idea is cool and reminds me of the TTT defib, where if shot in the head, the subject is braindead and is unable to be revived, a similar things could be implemented on the server using similar code thats used in TTT, but it would probably only affect the head hitbox (see sample) and nothing else, but very cool idea

    sample: Tutorial: How to Check Hitboxes | SC☆TTT

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  8. Having nearly all guns shoot straight reduces most weapons actual use, if that were the case then players would be going for the weapon that does the most damage because it has the added perk of shooting the straightest. The sweet spot is finding that middle ground where each gun has a unique stat; (Cone, HS Multi, even clip size) and making all guns playable and useful in different kinds of situations.

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  9. +1 Being an Imperial Guard comes with its challenges to get to know people on a social level, from my time spent in IG I have enjoyed it the most when people like lucas was on, a bit dumb from time to time but always a good laugh and mature for his age. His dedication towards the community and his need to help others set him up to be a great staff member and a possible candidate for the support team.

    Good luck buddy, wish you the best

    - Hig

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  10. IF the server is actually being made (or is currently in the works as we speak) I'd assume it would take alot of time to refine the big and small things server side, with that in mind are you as the development team @Ragetank (Sorry for @ but u da head guy) be expanding to other games such as a Minecraft server which has a significantly easier playerbase to drawin and remain stable with its fluent donation perks, transactions and mc voting system.

    (Supreme Commander 2 Imperial Gaming Team surely too)

  11. Like any server there would have to be an already solid foundation for the server to come up smoothly and without any hiccups; a sizeable staff team willing to dedicate time to it, picked out (or applied) CO's for all the regiments and a dedicated playerbase for the server to actually be functional. It's all well and good to want to bring it back because people have such fond memories of the past experiences they may have had but you can't legitimately promise that the server will be kept up, like it or not the server may split the playerbase, users who have current long standing ranks on Imperial RP may not want to give that up for a shot at a weeks worth as an ARC trooper or a Jedi.

    Icefuse is only popular because its a long standing community and its American, they expanded quickly and at the right time to multiple platforms, while IG is only Australian and has to work with the resources they have at their disposal, re-opening clonewars may be an excellent idea on the outside but may cause more problems for the community and management to deal with. And yes while IG management/staff may have the space for it, do they have the time and overall effort it will take to make this server happen and run smoothly.

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  12. 6 hours ago, Kumo said:

    Common sense rules apply, people who clearly exploit for egg spawns or abuse their in-game/staff role to block areas that eggs may spawn to reap the rewards will be punished. Egg spawns do not need to be changed, there is about 350 spawns and the spawns only reset when the amount of spawns left falls below 100. There is also a chance they do not spawn which decreases everytime they fail to spawn. And as Mauler said this is no excuse to neglect your in game duties or refrain from roleplay, it is simply an event to celebrate the Easter festivities.

    Staff are not always going to be watching abuse of these eggs though, Shock are on the top purely out of sheer numbers and maybe some other reasons. If someone spots something and reports theres no chance of the reported player being punished other than the fact that 'They will be watched' or a verbal warning.

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