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  1. Love the idea of a shield to fix the idea of survivability for the medical trooper, and I agree with you to some extent, watching you wait there in the middle of combat for 10 seconds just to revive a lowly storm trooper is a bit sad and unfair but its a far cry of all Medics running and jumping into combat to revive 3 people in 5 seconds and getting out alive, its what pisses off most event characters while they're trying to push people back. Giving medical troopers access to that placeable circular shield (I dont know what its called for the life of me), except with a smaller radius and
  2. Don't really see a massive need for players to be constantly active to get a tool that allows them to further their lore (and the odd festive competition that is occasionally thrown) ingame, especially when its solely cosmetic. And its not a requirement either. ---- +1 Excellent Pac designs.
  3. "Is this Frostys new map" Most heartbreaking moment
  4. Probably not the best that you did the exact same application on Gateway Gaming, you realise that applying for another community alone probably makes you ineligible? https://www.gatewaygaming.net.au/forums/topic/7165-developer-application/
  5. Certain rare achievements would have to be actually given, most of the achievements however are hooked based - Most achievements can be fitted to count forum reactions, posts, ranks etc and reward you based on what you have.
  6. Disclaimer: I accidentally posted this pre-maturely so sorry for the notification on the server, ill continue to update this throughout the next hour or so (This was meant to be a huge huge post) Community Hub - Issues and Suggestions sub forum This isn't desperately needed, but I feel that an added sub forum to the community hub can and will seperate Imperial suggestions from community wiode suggestions, whether it be a new server suggestion to a community wide suggestion, this forum will be a perfect place for my upcoming suggestions so I dont have to keep posting it in here
  7. While a great pro as IG is the most active and well reserved AUS SWRP server, it also acts as its own con, for communities to survive into the near future, an active variation of servers need to be considered so to expand the safety net, and while I do agree that the continued development and refinement of the server is a must, I also have to personally view option number 2 as the advantageous pick for the community, starting off slow and working our way up, while still sticking to our roots can soak up the remaining AUS playerbases in most fields. Small, semi active servers that don't draw to
  8. Expansion. The very word itself brings back the notions of Santos and CloneWars all over again, to which the servers where seen as a joke to most members within the community, whether it be from (alleged) poor planning, extreme lows in player base, community divide, fast-tracked development etc etc. Now these things are just what I've been told so please don't roast me because of them, but I'm losing my mark, what I'm trying (and failing) to do is start an introduction for the suggestion of new servers, from a more developed and advertised Minecraft, to maybe a couple of gmod servers, hell may
  9. This remedy is fixed with the incoming changes that were announced earlier/talked over briefly in the community meeting, the tablet idea is cool and reminds me of the TTT defib, where if shot in the head, the subject is braindead and is unable to be revived, a similar things could be implemented on the server using similar code thats used in TTT, but it would probably only affect the head hitbox (see sample) and nothing else, but very cool idea sample:
  10. Having nearly all guns shoot straight reduces most weapons actual use, if that were the case then players would be going for the weapon that does the most damage because it has the added perk of shooting the straightest. The sweet spot is finding that middle ground where each gun has a unique stat; (Cone, HS Multi, even clip size) and making all guns playable and useful in different kinds of situations.
  11. wholesome posts that make staff feel all good and yummy
  12. Seems like a more retro take on MyBB, dosent seem all that bad and a good change every now and again is good to have. I think people would miss the old layout and the classic sleek design.
  13. +1 Being an Imperial Guard comes with its challenges to get to know people on a social level, from my time spent in IG I have enjoyed it the most when people like lucas was on, a bit dumb from time to time but always a good laugh and mature for his age. His dedication towards the community and his need to help others set him up to be a great staff member and a possible candidate for the support team. Good luck buddy, wish you the best - Hig
  14. not getting the proper developer tag :pepehands:
  15. +1 Absolutely love the retro feel every design brings, you;ve added your own unique style on every single one of your artworks.
  16. >trying to claim the spot when #teamEmperor went there first and started the fight
  17. Higaashi I play very good yes, kill all I do
  18. IF the server is actually being made (or is currently in the works as we speak) I'd assume it would take alot of time to refine the big and small things server side, with that in mind are you as the development team @Ragetank (Sorry for @ but u da head guy) be expanding to other games such as a Minecraft server which has a significantly easier playerbase to drawin and remain stable with its fluent donation perks, transactions and mc voting system. (Supreme Commander 2 Imperial Gaming Team surely too)
  19. Like any server there would have to be an already solid foundation for the server to come up smoothly and without any hiccups; a sizeable staff team willing to dedicate time to it, picked out (or applied) CO's for all the regiments and a dedicated playerbase for the server to actually be functional. It's all well and good to want to bring it back because people have such fond memories of the past experiences they may have had but you can't legitimately promise that the server will be kept up, like it or not the server may split the playerbase, users who have current long standing ranks on Impe
  20. +1 Great guy, a serious dude in game but is able to goof around. Gl bud
  21. Staff are not always going to be watching abuse of these eggs though, Shock are on the top purely out of sheer numbers and maybe some other reasons. If someone spots something and reports theres no chance of the reported player being punished other than the fact that 'They will be watched' or a verbal warning.
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