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  1. From what I have heard from various users about Kippy in the past, it would have lead me to believe that he wouldnt be a good fit for staff. However, his actions, attitude and demeanor both in game and out of it show to me that he is a dedicated, kind and mature player, one that you don't occasionally come across in a GarrysMod server. I dont know why this application has been up for so long but a massive +1 from me.
  2. You seem to be an enjoyable person to talk with, you just need to open yourself up a bit more OOC, even if you are restricted IC. I would also suggest putting a bit more detail into your responses as it shows the community and more importantly management how you will deal with staff scenarios. Best of luck to you and your application, Neutral.
  3. This is something thats brought up alot when I'm talking to anyone in game and out of it. I was always perplexed as to why so many where in notable roles and were able to maintain those roles without ever getting on the server itself, that thought aside, I think something could be easily fixed when transferring to different regiments: A very very strict demotion like Binny said In some cases, maybe even set to the Private equivalent, its no fun when someone comes into the regiment from a high rank and gets a notable rank way above, while you yourself have been grinding your ass fo
  4. The way you 'dealt' with it didnt really make a whole lot of sense to me? Idk I may have just read this wrong, but you structured your response very weirdly. On the other note, if a player is being toxic in an Roleplay sense then it's completely fine in my view, because as long as they're roleplaying as a toxic character, they understand the consequences and are prepared for them, what isn't ok is when you try to hide OOC toxicity, strife, spite or anything as an In character situation, and gets off with it without the need for explanation.
  5. Community Toxicity Overview: Toxicity is something that's defined as having a bad attitude in a game towards the game itself, the situation you are playing in and the other players around you, now while this definition is loose and you can surely describe anyone as toxic no matter what they do, the Imperial RP server has fundamentally gotten more and more toxic. I'm not saying the server is a cess pool of people grabbing at each others necks and screaming to the top of their lungs (At least in OOC anyway) but the server has dropped in a certain way, people tend to hold grudges for
  6. Steam Name: Higashi SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:42119057 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/higaashi/ In Game Name: Higashi Time Played Imperial RP: 4 W, 2D, 21HR Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? DC to avoid punishment - Ace Rex (2019?) Have you had any bans (If so state them)? No Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? Flux Servers - TTT Vanilla: Super Admin/Developer Flux Servers - TTT Custom: Moderator
  7. I hope to see yo later in the future, stay safe and goodluck with your future buddy.
  8. The civilian role is seen as a mingy way of letting off steam in most cases, I barely see anyone roleplaying to a moderate degree and are only there because they want to take a break from their regiment for a bit, and as Bailey said, being a civillian basically puts a target on your back, where even if you haven't done anything you'll be required to put up with imperials essentially destroying your building or bar. There are unique cases of actual roleplay and genuine fun being had by certain people, but its hard to push people into a role they: - Dont want to be in - Will fin
  9. But....But league of legends...cmon guys lets--lets play!
  10. Bump so I can annoy bailey into adding it
  11. Depression - NESA approves this message

  12. Imperial Gaming Tournament Suggestion Disclaimer: This, like nearly all my other posts are suggestions and inquiries, I am merely pitching my idea to the community and staff team at large and am no way signifying any drama or discord between the community, I encourage any and all to give actual feedback or input in the comments below as, even if you are entirely against I would love to hear your feedback. Furthermore, while some of these suggestions may not be needed right now, or in the close future, this post forms to keep the idea at the back of the communities mind in the case that it
  13. "Do you feel heard by the staff/management team?" "Do you strictly want to stay a SWRP community forever?" "Do you have any ideas for future servers with an actual playerbase?"
  14. You tend to be self centered from my interactions with you on the server and while this attitude has improved somewhat over time I feel you can try to further how you act and behave in an OOC situation. Im going Neutral for this one.
  15. The actions of the Vic Gov are ver basic to see, mitigating the spread of the virus in any form it may take. Its good that they have upped it to 100, but it is still a long way to go. Shops are considered massive areas with a massive amount of ventilation in each shop/room and isn't really considered an enclosed space with shops abiding by gov regulations and santising/cleaning daily. I mean, overall to answer your question, shops and shit like that provide income, moreso than funerals soooooo. Its all about money dude, and it always will be about money.
  16. I dare say Grand Inquisitor is possible one of the hardest roles to fill and takes alot of work and effort to fit into the regiment as a commanding officer. Its very mentally draining, so please dont be like Misahu and jump into it from shock
  17. Unfortunately the community at large are in no position to change anything, everything is taken to management and other sith higherups (They're all in the discord). We don't join Inquisitors to get set to a Storm Trooper or a Scout Trooper during an event, we join to play as an Inquisitor. The rules are in place as; We're allowed to act as shields for the army, if the operating commander requests us to get the fuck out, then we do so. We're not allowed to actively chase EC's for no reason unless Actively being shot at These are all things to be brought up in
  18. Thing is I myself will hardly ever want to be set as an ST, im sure there are a few others who wont want to be set as ST's, and forcing us into a different regiment we didnt want to be in would be unfair.
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