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  1. wholesome posts that make staff feel all good and yummy
  2. Seems like a more retro take on MyBB, dosent seem all that bad and a good change every now and again is good to have. I think people would miss the old layout and the classic sleek design.
  3. +1 Being an Imperial Guard comes with its challenges to get to know people on a social level, from my time spent in IG I have enjoyed it the most when people like lucas was on, a bit dumb from time to time but always a good laugh and mature for his age. His dedication towards the community and his need to help others set him up to be a great staff member and a possible candidate for the support team. Good luck buddy, wish you the best - Hig
  4. not getting the proper developer tag :pepehands:
  5. +1 Absolutely love the retro feel every design brings, you;ve added your own unique style on every single one of your artworks.
  6. >trying to claim the spot when #teamEmperor went there first and started the fight
  7. Higaashi I play very good yes, kill all I do
  8. IF the server is actually being made (or is currently in the works as we speak) I'd assume it would take alot of time to refine the big and small things server side, with that in mind are you as the development team @Ragetank (Sorry for @ but u da head guy) be expanding to other games such as a Minecraft server which has a significantly easier playerbase to drawin and remain stable with its fluent donation perks, transactions and mc voting system. (Supreme Commander 2 Imperial Gaming Team surely too)
  9. Like any server there would have to be an already solid foundation for the server to come up smoothly and without any hiccups; a sizeable staff team willing to dedicate time to it, picked out (or applied) CO's for all the regiments and a dedicated playerbase for the server to actually be functional. It's all well and good to want to bring it back because people have such fond memories of the past experiences they may have had but you can't legitimately promise that the server will be kept up, like it or not the server may split the playerbase, users who have current long standing ranks on Impe
  10. +1 Great guy, a serious dude in game but is able to goof around. Gl bud
  11. Staff are not always going to be watching abuse of these eggs though, Shock are on the top purely out of sheer numbers and maybe some other reasons. If someone spots something and reports theres no chance of the reported player being punished other than the fact that 'They will be watched' or a verbal warning.
  12. I had the same sh*t, but I removed some useless addons and checked game cache, seemed to fix it.
  13. The community everytime the developers improve the server
  14. +1 Overwhelming support for this dude, he's outgoing, mature and respectful to anyone he meets, he takes his job seriously, is a general outgoing person and is a good personality to have on the server. The staff team would benefit with Stathi on it.
  15. +1 Legitmately one of the top 5 best commanders on the server by far, Jerry is a responsible, kind, mature and gifted person with a chance to make change in anyone and everyone he meets, he defuses situations as easily as anyone starts them, hes a great person to have around on the server and spreads positivity and kindness wherever he goes. Jerry gives 100% in all situations and by giving him a shot at staffing, the server will only better itself. You make this sometimes toxic and hypocritical community bearable for me and many others Jerry, much love buddy, goodluck.
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