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  1. Sorry man, but this comment is 1 of the most Ironnic things I've ever seen from [IG]'s undeniable, greatest shitposter. lol, things like this warm my heart.
  2. Back around the beginning of the new server (Ie, after restart), A time when Military RP was still pretty strong, and welcomed us all. I think it was a time people just started to farm to the top of +1 rep's on the forums., by secretly making new accounts to +1 all their posts. Now ofcourse I don't have proof of this, so it's with a grain of sand, but some of us thought we knew what we saw at the time. Around that time I remember the original creator, before they made their Well-Known responses, was the first person I saw receive substantial 'harassment' on the forums in the technique
  3. I agree with this, as it the norm across most regi's
  4. Hey man, some of the internationals take an hour to download content, it happens (aussie internet). The reason SGT+ to training room happens so much, based off my experience; is the call-out out doesn't specify what a SGT can specify. Basically are they there to be trained? or are they obviously still loading in and its gonna take some time before they; A. stop waiting and dc or B. they are in the middle of downloading the content and have been talked to already. I'd just like to know if generally speaking, when a person has called for 'SGT+ to the Training Room', has that specific perso
  5. Verify integrity of game files? Probs done this already, but when I had the same issue of crashing, this fixed it.
  6. I can't believe that based on this record, some specific individuals were deleting props that weren't theirs in an Event, and not instantly owning up to it. To anyone that is in the dark If you make a mistake or a 'stuff up' tell other Staff about it, so atleast they know; you can apologize later. Get into this kind of habit, and after not making many mistakes or false deletes of props you don't own, you will most likely be looked on more kindly when it does happen, as you are the honest type. Yea does no doubt look bad when you first do it, especially when you are on trial, and what
  7. Related image 

    I saw you like Iced coffee in that ginger beer thread, and Must recommend this by this Coca Cola owned company. When I first had, (radio station was at my Uni, giving it out free) I thought it's gonna taste pretty strong bcoz Espresso, but it tastes sweeter than any mocha I've had from a Cafe.

  8. @Kumo That must be the oldest Just Juice brand design I've ever seen. But you do bring up a good point Just Juice + Lemonade > Ginger Beer
  9. Root beer and Ginger beer, is there a difference?
  10. Nah I know it ain't your fault Wombat, was just surprised about how some people Commanders meetings conduct themselves these days. Thanks for the Intelligence.
  11. Stop trying, and just develop natural patterns of behavior that allows you to relax, and not have to wait for things to happen. Maturity is the main thing that allows you to attain rank in a less trying fashion, I believe.
  12. That seems quite shocking, I didn't think the term 'dead' was passed around for everyone to use so lightly.
  13. @Chef I thought you were around back before the restart, the Server Wipe (The Big Bang) that I never knew about b4 I asked around. @KGBSoviets was Master SGT in Shadow when his Commander went on a long holiday, and KGB ran it from then on as a MSGT. I think I joined Shadow after you, based off your story. I quickly rose up (not mass, but pretty well), with @FrenchyFries as Shadow's 2nd CMD Officer. After KGB had to leave like his former Commander, and Frenchy wanting to pursue his place as a T-Mod next to his good mate @Mauler, I was given a great responsibility. Frenchy ended up convincing @C
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