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  1. Well thought out, casual, and dignified.
  2. I think wanting to become Staff for the purpose of taking the weight off other staff, is one of the reasons why ppl r saying the app isn't very well detailed. Trial Mods can actually put more weight on, as full-fledged Staff end up having to show em the rounds. I'd just include points like; you would like to upskill, that you recognise the impression Staff members have on the community (the power is not to be toyed with). Maybe mention some of the ways you have positively influenced players, just as a User urself.
  3. Sick of being SW, I can relate. Unluckily you made the wrong first impression, but sticking to the road you are on now will give you earlier gains now. Stay focused, and I'd probs use a spare game on the side for the long haul. Shock is a very solid foundation, has been throughout this servers known life. Imperial is still the best server for miles, the people's (including staff's) history go back in double digits of Months. These are the true big fish nowadays.
  4. +1. I had many memories watching you. 212th Keta
  5. Sometimes it's also really good to be able to see things before they become problems, and limit their potential to do so. It's an ability that comes with experience. I think you'll do pretty well just by having a positive attitude and a Tolerant helpful persona. Good Luck
  6. I disagree with your opinion that it is all over, thinking that the App is denied, and just go into "Improving off any feedback from now on. This is identifiably a WALL, and yes this app with this amount of feedback does show you that your position wasn't as neutral, as you thought. I think you just need to swallow hard the result, and change your alignment with what you are doing, and how you solely enjoy your time in the Community. I think you don't wanna use this app as like a try at getting Titles, because to be honest, T-Mod/ Mod as good as it is, gets old like everything else. I think it is easy to change people's perceptions, but in my opinion, you should try just casually slowly turning people as individuals to see how is it that you play. People always watch certain new individuals who show certain types of Energy and Enthusiasm, Ideas extensive conversations and positive ideologies. Also people who show consistent and honed forms of RP, and character building, but not as much. RP is always less, because there are only a few ranks that give you the privilege to not have consequnces for you say or do, in game ranks not Staff. If anything being Staff places you with many more possible consequences for your specific decisions. Basically, all you really need to do, is play casual for the next Month. Hold a strong positive outlook, displaying focus, and a keen sense to help other Users when needed. I'd say don't try too hard to help, show that you want to help, or that you are desperate to prove yourself (many people do this already), don't need to be active to know it. As you fit into your own place, as a User with positive thought processes, that involve teaching others using your built experience, to give any new players a helpful hand up. Once people generally see you doing this, perceptions will improve and people will have to go on when providing constructive feedback. I think if after 1-2 Months you made a new app, and get many more people giving you neutral ratings, you would have made a great improvement. This all gets really simple and easy to understand and do, when you are older. So just enjoy your time, hold a strong positive sense of decision making, and help users out when you want to.
  7. Sorry man, but this comment is 1 of the most Ironnic things I've ever seen from [IG]'s undeniable, greatest shitposter. lol, things like this warm my heart.
  8. Well written, with at least 9 mths experience on one server, sheesh..
  9. Dragz would've just had you killed for that back in the day; Different Time, different punishment. Bad luck. Font choice doesn't enhance your application, in my opinion. Was wondering on the further details of your previous experience on Shadow Networks -- ie How long your were Staff for, just as a way to measure your statement; " I know what I’m doing". I like this, and I'd be willing give a Neutral, and leaning +1 to a fellow Shadow Commander. Make sure that if you attain this position, you try to learn from every situation you are presented with.
  10. Back around the beginning of the new server (Ie, after restart), A time when Military RP was still pretty strong, and welcomed us all. I think it was a time people just started to farm to the top of +1 rep's on the forums., by secretly making new accounts to +1 all their posts. Now ofcourse I don't have proof of this, so it's with a grain of sand, but some of us thought we knew what we saw at the time. Around that time I remember the original creator, before they made their Well-Known responses, was the first person I saw receive substantial 'harassment' on the forums in the technique of 'Mass -1ing' ratings of all comments. There were a few toxic people banding together at a time, and for the most part, when unnoticed by staff, as it was a thing that wasn't watched for, back then. It did stop, I don't think I remember who was there at the time, Military was pretty fun for a little bit tho. Halo RP turned out to be a bit of a bust a little later, though I think one of the Bullies is still on the server today, seems like he's changed his ways.. For the most part anyway.. Strange how you can sometimes remember names and their actions from quite a while ago.
  11. I can vouch for for the date of that warn. I remember Castiel being Dragz at the time, my reg was his guard. Goliath as always display and utmost seriousness to RP, and I think he will serve a great purpose inside EM's. Also App is very well detailed. +1
  12. I agree with this, as it the norm across most regi's
  13. Hey man, some of the internationals take an hour to download content, it happens (aussie internet). The reason SGT+ to training room happens so much, based off my experience; is the call-out out doesn't specify what a SGT can specify. Basically are they there to be trained? or are they obviously still loading in and its gonna take some time before they; A. stop waiting and dc or B. they are in the middle of downloading the content and have been talked to already. I'd just like to know if generally speaking, when a person has called for 'SGT+ to the Training Room', has that specific person checked in detail the stages of activity of the Recruits? Or have they just looked in, seen the presence of new recruits, and called it out with out looking in further? From the person calling it out, they could wait for the SGT to come over, (record his name) and basically go on to tell him how many of them are still downloading, and how many are finished and are ready to be trained. Information where it's needed. But yea hard out, so many people don't understand the joys of training. Training during the Events, playing on a different map, that's the real bothersome task. Also if you compare IG to all the other small servers trailing behind, the others need staff to white-list with crude job systems, in IG SGT's are very lucky to just be able to do it themselves. The MHC form sounds very good, will be able to add extra info about certain recruits, how well their training went, are they extremely toxic... I hope there is different categories that these forms can be put in; Good, Neutral, Low risk, High risk.
  14. Verify integrity of game files? Probs done this already, but when I had the same issue of crashing, this fixed it.
  15. Seems like a fair bit of experience, I'm surprised you minged at all. Thought you would have known that it only makes things harder down the line. Basically mate, you've made a bad impression on many people, but this isn't unfix-able. I estimate about 14 days of total playing time with outstanding behavior that also lacks, asking for promo's and negative attitudes being displayed. It is a hard road, but to be honest, T'Mod is out of the question for you in the near future, you will have to focus on bettering yourself and the positive involvement you have on the server from here on out. If you don't end up wanting to play Imperial because you think all hope is lost, at-least take the time to repair some of the damage you have done to your name here, before a time that you might decide to leave. It will help you on your way back here, a neutral point of communication amoungst most people won't slow you down in most cases. Things to do right now: I think you should focus on what you have, and see if you can make the best use of your positive traits. Much of the toxic internet, grinds people down into its own toxicity, bullies bully others, that become bullies themselves so they don't have to be picked on. The cycle is a bad one, you have to decide if you want to moderate your own minging, with good keen insight into positive energy and behavior. The enthusiasm makes all the difference, you can't be bulletproof by making no mistakes, but you can laugh at the people that will try bring you down. Trust me mate, a Positive Outlook gives you a display of things and people that have so much potential.
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