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  1. If these are similar to the Turbolazers on the venator extensive they don't cause any lag, So as long as it has actually been considered to bring them back and that it's confirmed Turbolazers are the source of the lag then I am happy with the decision.

  2. Hi there, I am part of Naval and have been very interested in the space battles which we have occasionally. At the moment we have Turbolazers on the ship and we do not utilize them at the moment because they:

    a) Provide something for Minges to minge with

    b) Destroy enemy ships too easily

    c) They are simply too far away to bother with.


    I want to suggest that we begin to use the Turbolazers again to provide even more RP, immersion and overall fun to the server. 

    By adding Turbolazers it means we can see our rolls fulfill an action such as hitting specific spots along the ship (Bridge, Hangar, Engines) and whether we even hit the ship or not. 


    Addressing problems stated above

    a) If a minge even finds the Turbolazers (Even I don't know where they are) there is very little they can do with it besides a situational problem where there are no shock/navy on to locate the minge on the Turbolazers.

    b) Instead of using the entity of the capital ships we can use the props instead, This means they have infinite HP and can be destroyed whenever the Gamemaster want it to be. 

    c) Distance should not be an issue, Especially when we have Comms to communicate over long distances.


    I hope this can be considered for future use, This has been discussed within navy and we are interested in using them again as long as managment is on board with it.

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