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  1. 47 minutes ago, Hunter said:

    4) Host events for individual regiments and or regiment types 

    +1 Holy F*ck. Yes. 

    If that were at all possible, it would be the best. At least for my regiment, having an event where we can properly utilize speeder bikes would be incredible, as we cannot on the ISD.

    To extend that thought a bit;

    CO's having the ability to contact the EM team with an event idea for their regiment, and being able to do such would be an incredible addition to gameplay. I.E, I could present an event, where my troopers get to properly utilize their speeder bikes and reconnaissance tactics. This could also include having an application and roster of "permanent event characters", should people want to consistently be EC's for these other server's events.

    I dunno, could be cool to see this implemented in the future.

    *Extra Note: Allowing CO's to assist in their own events would likely increase interest in the EM role, leading to more applications*

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  2. In your particular line of work, people that are just here to f**k around will find any potential weakness and/or exploit to upset you. It's probably a good thing you don't speak if you're not comfortable doing so. Similar to STC, ISB has to do the dirty work where sometimes people try their hardest to hurt us, however, it's up to us whether or not we allow them to.

    I'm not going to delve too deeply into my backstory/childhood, but I was put in a position where i was forced to push through my fears and discomforts and adapt to what i was given. You're in a position where you can continue to play the game as you currently do, with no obligation or pressure to change. If you choose to not speak, that is your prerogative, as you can still do the job without using your voice.

    You cannot expect to gain more confidence if you do not put yourself in the position to get hurt. That being said, confidence is something that will come with time and age. I wasn't particularly happy with my voice until i was about 18, and even now when i hear a video of myself speaking, i cringe very hard. You'll get to a stage where you're happy and confident with yourself eventually.

    Don't even feel like you're worth less because you have a higher voice, as long as what you say has meaning. 

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  3. I don't know if the EM running a particular event is aware, but there has been several instances where an EC has entered the ST Bunks and killed everyone inside of it (Including respawns). Unless there were strict rules and monitoring to prevent bunks being used as a slaughterhouse, this may pose an issue.

    Also, for the more part, the vast majority of people on the server have... a moderate amount of trigger discipline. Crossfire isn't as big of a deal when the respawns are instant, but you have to consider that if a timer is added, that will cause a lot more anger, and potentially an increase in admin calls for RDM, which will clog up legitimate requests. Unless there is a significant staff presence at the time, this will likely cause chaos.

    If properly executed, it could work. If EC's or a mingey PVT want to ruin it for everyone else, it will be a pain.



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  4. Dave.

    I never had the opportunity to properly thank you, for everything you have done for me. I can safely say that if i began this server with a different CO, i would not be where i am today. I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities you gave me. In my close to 6 years of SWRP, I have never had a CO as great as you. Sure, you weren't on a terrible amount, but when you were... boy you made me so excited to be there.

    You'll always have a home here with us, and I'll always have your back. Should you ever need help, you know where to find me. I will continue to do my best with the ST Corps to make you proud. Your legacy will live on into the ages.

    Your loyal soldier,


  5. IMO the only way this would work is if Kumo were to write the script. There is simply no way to successfully execute this to the degree you are hoping for without some form of control.

    I have begun slowly implementing the regimental salute into the ST Corps, but we aren't even close to being on time consistently as of yet. The issue is, if someone just joins the server and comes to debrief, they will be off. Once they nail it, somebody will take their place. There will always be a few which are off-time, and i feel like that would bug people more than the current way we do it, because it will be a lot more obvious.

    That being said, i'm not entirely opposed to the idea. If it is well executed, it could look good. Yet again, forcing players to salute in a SeriousRP situation may sit badly with a few people, especially the ones that like to be precise about everything they do..


    Kind Regards,


  6. "Also a side note, last year my hotel in Paris was across from a military hospital of which there were armed guards outside."

    2015 Paris attacks. 131 victims dead. They are armed because the threat is very real. If we are on an ISD, in roleplay we are unlikely to get attacked as much as we do. As a few others have stated, events are held to keep people interested, it's not a regular occurrence on a ship.

    These troops are deployed on the ground, where they can be attacked from any angle. We are in a big ship, and i don't think i need to go into detail about the safety measures on a star destroyer.

    A brief analysis of each picture:

    Real world pictures:

    1. A brief search shows an article "Taliban suicide blast kills 14 people, 145 injured". This is why they are armed.

    2. A brief search shows a video "SAA clashes with militants in northern syria". This is why they are armed.

    3. A brief search shows an article "sharp rise in numbers of children killed in Mali's deadly attacks". This is why they are armed.

    In these real world examples, the threat is very real to them, near them. They are participating in an active war.

    Before we continue, a brief snip from wookipedia on stormtroopers.

    "Outside of combat and security details, stormtrooper officers wore black dress tunics, caps, and boots, as well as code cylinders, rank insignia plaques, officer's disks conform to the standards of the imperial navy"

    Whilst off duty, stormtroopers on the battlestation were given luxuries such as access to recreation centers, restaurants, and bars which included the latest model of bartender droids. Holoscreens which displayed sports games or other entertainment were provided in the living quarters. There was no need to have a weapon out in their free time.

    Star wars pictures:

    1. Stormtroopers appear to be guarding. In this instance, they would be in their combat gear, with their weapon out.

    2. These are droids. Furthermore, these are droids on a blockade ship.

    3. These clones are in a training facility. This was a show of power, and of course they have their weapons out because of this. Clones were bred for one purpose. Imperials are not clones.

    4. Revenge of the sith, escorting THE EMPEROR, on a planet which had just previously had two combatants.

    5. Rogue one military base. If i remember correctly, they were on the base to confront a traitor. "one of you betrayed the empire. one of you has conspired with a pilot to send messages to the rebellion". Obviously they would have their weapons out as a show of force. Not only that, they are also guarding Director Krennic.

    6. A new hope. Looks like a patrol. During a patrol you have your weapon out on safety.

    7. Bespin, where Darth Vader was knew the rebels would be. Of course they have weapons.

    8. You do know how important endor is right...?

    9. The first order had their weapons out as it was a show of power. They were about to fire a superweapon. Military exercise. They were ON DUTY.

    10. Military exercise. They were ON DUTY.


    Each example you have listed shows the troopers having weapons out on safety for VALID REASONS, Just as in game, you have your weapon out whilst guarding, patrolling.

    I completely understand where you're coming from, however i don't believe the best examples were used to get the point across. 

    In conclusion: During ST free time, they should not be allowed weapons out.


    That being said, love the concept of healthy debate within the server. 

    Kind Regards,


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  7. On 6/21/2019 at 2:14 AM, Sully said:



    • User shows a great deal of knowledge on PAC3 and its functions
    • User has provided an array of good examples of their skills within the PAC3 editor
    • Trustworthy
    • Mature
    • Active
    • Well answered application
    • Well formatted application



    • Please correct your SteamID to display the SteamID32 format as stipulated by the question ( eg. STEAM_#:####)
    • Consider putting your large amount of examples into a spoiler box to increase the overall tidiness of the application


    Good luck,



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  8. On 7/26/2019 at 5:06 AM, Pickle said:

    +1 has been a really long time and should be put on a probation period where if he gets warned within 2 weeks he gets perma banned again

    ST-C can ensure he is up the standard that is required, and keep a close eye on him and his friends to ensure they don't breach the terms of his unban.


    Kind Regards,


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  9. 13 hours ago, Larko said:

    will refer to one specific example such as the other day during 501st debrief. There was a minge in ST bunks that kept yelling and it was going through the walls, I PMed him and asked him to stop but he just keep yelling. After being sick of it I ran into ST bunks (OOC) and told him to shut up, and when I left you PMed me and said if I am ever in ST bunks again I will be AOSed. I replied saying it was clearly OOC and the ST was minging and you replied back and said I don't care if it was OOC or not, I will still AOS you. This to me is certainly not an example of maturity or kindness.

    In regards to this. I was present during this situation. It is law that nobody under Brigadier is to enter another regiment's bunks without permission. You violated this law and ran into the bunks telling us to shut up, in our own bunks. Soul replied by saying if you came back in you'd be AOS, which is perfectly valid in this situation. Saying that you entered the bunks in an "ooc" manner is irrelevant, as this is a SeriousRP server, and anything not specifically labelled OOC can be used in character, in which case, this was. I don't believe it's fair to use this situation to discredit Soul, as his actions were not only justified, but would have been done by any other member of ST-C given the circumstances. I stand behind Soul in this case.


    As for the rest of the application. The app itself lacks in detail which i would have liked to see. With the rest of the app, i can't mention anything which hasn't already been said. I think your events are fine, but need crucial detail which can be refined over time, which you definitely have the ability to do.

    On a personal level, we work very closely together. I've seen how you work, and while you sometimes goof off, you're overall a good trooper and a good person. What i'd like to see from you is more activity. You've put in a substantial amount of work and time into the ST Corps, however i'd like to see you put the same amount of effort into duties as EM. I think you have potential, however your actions now will determine your success as EM.

    I am going to give this a +1. You may have made mistakes in the past, but your ability to identify and learn from these mistakes is part of the reason i have faith in you. I believe that with the right training and guidance, you will succeed.



    Best of luck,


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  10. +1


    There is not a single person I value more as Sith, and few people that I respect as much as him. Matrix is one of the best examples of a superb RPer and person. He always goes out of his way to excel in what he does, and i don't doubt that this would continue with his PAC usage. I don't need to go into terrible amounts of detail as you are all likely aware of his performance, but i look forward to seeing matrix implement PAC into his RP.


    Best of luck,


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  11. +1


    While i can't speak a terrible amount about pac, Mongo has clearly shown good use of his pac in RP. There have been a few silly pacs on his behalf, however in recent times those have ceased. As a player, while at times he can be a bit silly, Mongo is a great example of a good roleplayer and person. He has helped me on more than one occasion, and i believe we will see nothing but positive results from this.


    Best of luck,


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