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  1. Gonna have to be a Strong -1 from me on this one. 

    Whilst I think the application is fairly well done, I believe it simply hasn't been enough time since your unban for you to take a role such as this. As stated by others, the way you are perceived in a community has a massive impact on your ability as a moderator. Trust is a key component in being an effective staff member. The community needs to feel like they can rely on you when they need you, and from what i've seen based on the comments, this does not appear to be the case YET. Perhaps with some more time, your reputation will become more positive and I hope you are able to become a valued member in the community overall.

    Your enemies are always your biggest critics, so I would definitely start there if you are trying to rebuild your reputation. It's definitely not an easy thing to fix, but sometimes that is the challenge you have to face to get what you want, in this case being a staff position. Putting in the effort to try and rebuild hostile relationships will say a lot about your character and your determination for this position.

    I'd also like to say, I think it's great that you were unbanned and given another chance to play with your homies. You all seem to be quite close as you can see them showing their support on this application. I would advise caution in the future with this however, downvoting posts because they did not show support of the application is quite immature and can be perceived as quite a negative thing. As mentioned earlier, i'm sure the intention was just to show support, but I believe it has created quite a toxic atmosphere around this application which is the opposite of what you want.

    If your application is successful, I hope you are given a fair chance without bias from your past. Best of luck to you,


    EDIT: -1 has been changed to a strong -1 due to disappointing, disgusting and overall toxic behaviour from Crispin's friends. Application should be denied purely on this basis. If the individual cannot conduct himself in an appropriate manner on a STAFF APPLICATION, how could he be trusted with the role?

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  2. I just had somebody explain what happened to me, it took approximately 7 seconds to come to the conclusion that this is a dumb decision.

    More thought needs to be given to decisions that affect your playerbase. Look at the outcome of this decision, I have never seen a decision more unanimously hated by the community. This just shows an absolute lack of care for the people affected by this decision.

    That is all that is worth saying. I am very disappointed.

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  3. Hello,

    Unfortunately I have encountered an issue whilst in the 439th Medical Company. Due to the Defibrillator freezing you in place whilst you are reviving someone, if you are killed whilst using it, you are stuck in place. The only solution I have found is to be force respawned by staff. I am already careful when reviving an individual due to the risk to my life, however this is a bug which can't be avoided most of the time.

    The reason this is a big issue is due to the importance of MT during events. As an example, I have been killed mid-revive due to an explosion, which has thrown my body to an inaccessible area. This means I cannot be revived by other MTs, and therefore my only option is to contact staff because I cannot respawn like everyone else. If I am having to contact staff for assistance multiple times during an event, it causes a massive inconvenience for everyone. I have had to wait upwards of 5 minutes at times to be force-respawned due to the intensity of the battle (no fault of the staff), so that is 5 minutes where I am unavailable to do my duties as a medical trooper, due to this bug.

    I love the current defibrillators. I think freezing you in place whilst using it is a great idea, and I have no overall complaints about it, besides this bug. Is there a way for the revive to cancel on death? 

    Kind Regards,


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  4. I have seen instances where Mongo's actions could be taken as harsh and hostile, but this is a SeriousRP server, Mongo understands this, and therefore any time I've seen him act like an "ass", It's almost always been for a completely justified reason. I have no doubt in my mind that Mongo would be a great EM. Reading through the replies, Mongo has clearly demonstrated his willingness to improve and grow from prior negative experiences.


  5. I've refrained from commenting on all the other army posts, but i'll make my point simple.

    The success of the regiment comes purely down to the commanding officer. If you can't make your regiment fun, nobody will want to be in it. If you don't encourage activity, your regiment will die out. If you don't set up a good structure where people have to WORK to progress, there will no longer be an incentive for people to try harder. 

    Now, let's take this CO/Trooper dynamic and bring it up a level, to AHC/CO. AHC needs to be there to guide and assist all regiments. AHC needs to be there to encourage and push roleplay and make sure CO's are doing their job properly.

    AHC has had a major shift in the past year where you're dealing with an entirely new team. Set a standard that you want and make CO's stick to it. 

    If you are a CO and you're struggling with your regiment, look for advice. Ask AHC for advice. Ask current CO's for advice, look to former CO's and how they operated and fix your problems. My inbox is always open and I will always help someone who asks for it.

    Here are some general tips I suggest for leading a regiment:

    1) Consistent trainings

    2) Set up a good ranking/promotion structure for your regiment 

    3) Promote people based on their worth in the regiment, not on their former glory or their friendship with you

    4) Implement unique ideas that no other regiment has. 

    5) Numbers don't matter. 5 Exceptional troopers significantly outweighs 10 poor ones. Focus on what you have, not what you think you should have.

    If you create an environment worth being in, the numbers will follow. Start small, do your job right and the rest will follow.


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  6. On 7/2/2020 at 3:08 AM, Eclipse said:

    Honestly, at this point it's infuriating to see a member so dedicated to an application that hasn't had a response in 442 days. 

    It's appalling to see the lack of consideration, favoritism and/or how unorganized the management team is.

    I have well over 6000 hours in Garry's mod in various communities and game modes and not ONCE have I seen dedication to a server, let alone an application like this man has shown.

    About 13 applicants have been accepted who have made applications AFTER this man, some months after. And 53 applications have been processed before anything has happened with this application.

    This is clearly unfair treatment.


    Not only is Joel an outstanding member of the community, with a role on the server as difficult as Stormtrooper Command, he has shown absolute dedication and commitment to this application. The staff team would be LUCKY to have someone like Joel. I'm surprised he is still interested in the position given the disrespect he has been shown on his application, but that is a testament to his character. 

    Nothing but respect for this man.

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  7. I am concerned about how you killed a stormtrooper who was completely unrelated to the situation. As Delta mentioned, the trooper was new to the server. This is completely unacceptable for a Rear Admiral to do so. This sets a very poor image for high command, and an even worse image for the staff team. Was it entirely Pickle's fault? No. The Inquisitorius should NOT have been attacking him. I would love to hear a valid RP reason as to why the INQT were attacking him to begin with.

    I understand that it was in a simulation area, but the video clearly shows that the situation was not confined to the simulation area, because you killed someone outside. Yes, it was an accident and the trooper was absolutely fine with it, but that does not make it okay for someone in your position to do so. As far as i'm still aware (According to the server rules), this server is still SeriousRP. If someone who was looking for a serious server to join and saw that happening, and the person involved being not only a member of IHC, but also a senior moderator, it might make them think twice about sticking around. I have seen many good troopers leave due to actions from people in high positions, and I really think you need to consider that before you act the way that you did here.

    I don't believe that Pickle would have started shooting people if he was not attacked by the Inquisitorius.  ALL parties were in the wrong. Your collective foolishness led to the death of an innocent stormtrooper. I don't think you should be demoted from either position that you have worked hard for, but I think you need to reflect on your actions and do better in the future.

    The topic I have discussed is more of an in-character issue, however, as a staff member, you should have stopped it before the situation escalated so far. 

    RIP PVT Jaegar, 81st Stormtrooper Detachment.


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  8. Neutral leaning to +1

    There have been some instances where the way Lucas has handled a situation has not reflected well on him. That being said, I have also seen Lucas perform extremely well during his time in 374th. I can specifically remember praising Lucas on several occasions during my time as SCT CO (SCT & 374th had a very close relationship and would discuss each others troopers on a regular basis). Lucas was an incredible trooper during his time in 374th. 

    In my experience, Lucas performs significantly better when under the right leadership. He can sometimes get a bit carried away, but that is expected from someone of his age. (not necessarily a deal breaker, but something to be aware of).

    I believe Lucas would fit a staff position well, IF he had the right person/people there to guide/lead him.

    Best of luck,


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  9. Hey there.

    If you're speaking about ST Basic Training, the personnel who run those trainings are typically members of Stormtrooper Command (STC). Each member receives specialized training in order to be able to efficiently execute a training. You have to consider that trainings often consist of 8+ STs, most of whom are PVTs and do not show proper discipline. This makes leading a training difficult, and can sometimes increase the duration of the training. An hour long training is perfectly reasonable and frequent across the server, not just in the ST Corps.

    If you have an issue with the way the training was handled, You can contact Brigadier (ST-01) Lee and discuss it with him as he is the Commanding Officer of the ST Corps, or you can contact me at any time either in-game or on discord and I can pass on a message to the appropriate channels on your behalf.

    If you wish to contact me on discord, my username is Death#6901

    Kind Regards,


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  10. Hey IG. 

    Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you all have an enjoyable day with family and are able to reflect on the year with happiness. 

    Now for the purpose of this post. I know what it's like to not enjoy the Christmas period. If you are alone or your family situation isn't the best, the Christmas period is rough & sometimes hard to get through, as it can be a serious challenge to your mental health. Please take care of yourselves. I've learned that the best way to get through this time is to speak to people & have a good support structure, as i spend too many years locking myself away & not coming to terms with reality.

    If you need a chat, I am available to chat all day, even if we don't get along or we've never spoken, message me & I'll be there. Nobody deserves to be alone & despite and prior conflict (my character may hate you),  but i'm here for anyone that needs it, friend or foe.

    I'm making the SCT Discord officially public, so if you need someone to talk to or you just want to be part of it, you're encouraged to join. https://discord.gg/DtMy6aK (Rules still apply).

    Merry Christmas,


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