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  1. I spend about $90 a year on clothes. @Ghostypro is an idiot for buying those shoes ^^
  2. Surely someone just uploads a photo of the Grand Inquisitor, looks enough like an egg to qualify..
  3. I just had somebody explain what happened to me, it took approximately 7 seconds to come to the conclusion that this is a dumb decision. More thought needs to be given to decisions that affect your playerbase. Look at the outcome of this decision, I have never seen a decision more unanimously hated by the community. This just shows an absolute lack of care for the people affected by this decision. That is all that is worth saying. I am very disappointed.
  4. Honestly, i've got no fucking clue.
  5. Death


    Hello, Unfortunately I have encountered an issue whilst in the 439th Medical Company. Due to the Defibrillator freezing you in place whilst you are reviving someone, if you are killed whilst using it, you are stuck in place. The only solution I have found is to be force respawned by staff. I am already careful when reviving an individual due to the risk to my life, however this is a bug which can't be avoided most of the time. The reason this is a big issue is due to the importance of MT during events. As an example, I have been killed mid-revive due to an explosion, which has thrown
  6. I guess I "kind of forgot" about S8...
  7. I've refrained from commenting on all the other army posts, but i'll make my point simple. The success of the regiment comes purely down to the commanding officer. If you can't make your regiment fun, nobody will want to be in it. If you don't encourage activity, your regiment will die out. If you don't set up a good structure where people have to WORK to progress, there will no longer be an incentive for people to try harder. Now, let's take this CO/Trooper dynamic and bring it up a level, to AHC/CO. AHC needs to be there to guide and assist all regiments. AHC needs to be there to
  8. Death


    I am concerned about how you killed a stormtrooper who was completely unrelated to the situation. As Delta mentioned, the trooper was new to the server. This is completely unacceptable for a Rear Admiral to do so. This sets a very poor image for high command, and an even worse image for the staff team. Was it entirely Pickle's fault? No. The Inquisitorius should NOT have been attacking him. I would love to hear a valid RP reason as to why the INQT were attacking him to begin with. I understand that it was in a simulation area, but the video clearly shows that the situation was not confine
  9. Hey there. If you're speaking about ST Basic Training, the personnel who run those trainings are typically members of Stormtrooper Command (STC). Each member receives specialized training in order to be able to efficiently execute a training. You have to consider that trainings often consist of 8+ STs, most of whom are PVTs and do not show proper discipline. This makes leading a training difficult, and can sometimes increase the duration of the training. An hour long training is perfectly reasonable and frequent across the server, not just in the ST Corps. If you have an issue with t
  10. Hey IG. Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you all have an enjoyable day with family and are able to reflect on the year with happiness. Now for the purpose of this post. I know what it's like to not enjoy the Christmas period. If you are alone or your family situation isn't the best, the Christmas period is rough & sometimes hard to get through, as it can be a serious challenge to your mental health. Please take care of yourselves. I've learned that the best way to get through this time is to speak to people & have a good support structure, as i spend too many years loc
  11. Name: Death Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dethshoota/ Playtime: 4W 2D Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Looking forward to another 3 years of this community
  12. Special S/O to Major Jonathan for recruit trainer of the year. He trained 116 recruits whilst a member of ST-Command. Whilst he is no longer active on the server, he recruited many of the currently playerbase into the server, and deserves recognition for such.
  13. Hold up.. What's happening with Thrawn over there...?
  14. I believe it will only work if you have the correct privacy settings. In order for it to work, ensure "Game Details" is set to public. Profile > Edit Profile > My Privacy Settings.
  15. +1 Holy F*ck. Yes. If that were at all possible, it would be the best. At least for my regiment, having an event where we can properly utilize speeder bikes would be incredible, as we cannot on the ISD. To extend that thought a bit; CO's having the ability to contact the EM team with an event idea for their regiment, and being able to do such would be an incredible addition to gameplay. I.E, I could present an event, where my troopers get to properly utilize their speeder bikes and reconnaissance tactics. This could also include having an application and roster of "permanent ev
  16. In your particular line of work, people that are just here to f**k around will find any potential weakness and/or exploit to upset you. It's probably a good thing you don't speak if you're not comfortable doing so. Similar to STC, ISB has to do the dirty work where sometimes people try their hardest to hurt us, however, it's up to us whether or not we allow them to. I'm not going to delve too deeply into my backstory/childhood, but I was put in a position where i was forced to push through my fears and discomforts and adapt to what i was given. You're in a position where you can continue
  17. I don't know if the EM running a particular event is aware, but there has been several instances where an EC has entered the ST Bunks and killed everyone inside of it (Including respawns). Unless there were strict rules and monitoring to prevent bunks being used as a slaughterhouse, this may pose an issue. Also, for the more part, the vast majority of people on the server have... a moderate amount of trigger discipline. Crossfire isn't as big of a deal when the respawns are instant, but you have to consider that if a timer is added, that will cause a lot more anger, and potentially an inc
  18. Death


    Ah yes. We were needing a new Jar Jar Binks type character on the ISD. Welcome.
  19. Death


    Dave. I never had the opportunity to properly thank you, for everything you have done for me. I can safely say that if i began this server with a different CO, i would not be where i am today. I am eternally grateful for all the opportunities you gave me. In my close to 6 years of SWRP, I have never had a CO as great as you. Sure, you weren't on a terrible amount, but when you were... boy you made me so excited to be there. You'll always have a home here with us, and I'll always have your back. Should you ever need help, you know where to find me. I will continue to do my best with t
  20. You don't see this type of community on retail wow unfortunately, but regardless, still waiting in a queue lol. (Line of people waiting for their turn at a quest)
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