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  1. Hey now he can't buy anymore Zinger box's Love you Cecil, Please show me where you keep Keith
  2. I would pay this instantly to play CW
  3. Come and join us. It is healthier Welcome to retirement, take off your shoes and relax.
  4. Make 1936 Subs again
  5. ^^ Nice spelling, they teach you that in year 9?
  6. Song enough to make a grown man almost cry, but we ain't no beta. In all honesty thanks for the song and kind words haha (I don't sing)
  7. You are there, I was fixing the post
  8. It's been a fun few years boys but my time has come. Through the many great memories I have had, it will stay with me for a while until I don't care anymore . I will probably come on the server maybe twice a year to see whats up ( I'll be more active still than @Matto) I would like to give a few shutouts to some people that made my time on the server enjoyable, @Matrix @Tinky @Jaggy @Moey @Renegade @Fredrick @Verstappen @Jaggy @Stubzy @Rook @Braino @Nick @Marlu @Cecil @Ballzy @Hawkz @Nine @Stryker @Grif(For the short time I knew him) @Hammer @Rad_Cop @Splonter @Pickle @Delta @Theta
  9. Hey Khronos Look I think everyone deserves a second chance but what you did a while back isn't acceptable in the slightest. And I know that things were said from both sides but I think if you were given the chance to come back to the Discords, TS and Fourms you would be on a strict Permanent probationary stage as we don't want any of the Toxic behaviour we have seen in the past come back and cause people even more grief. In the past when you were on the server you managed to make a lot of people angry and upset which at the end of the day this is a video game and people come here to have
  10. This hit different live in front of Million+ people
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