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  1. I mean I was told it was okay to busk by Wolf. And I had told a few people I was busking. It wasn't interfering with people roleplay.
  2. Mona Lisa is someone I came across from your server. I was only on with 3 other people (who were on with me last night) and a lot of people are being grouped with me. I can't be blamed for everyone who is meming on the server. Just to make it clear, most of my contacts are various users from a server I manage and a lot of those people will play all Australian servers. It doesn't mean I am coming online with them. I will say hi if I see them. But I feel it's kind of irritating to be blamed for their actions. For instance, Morton Dreamtime is someone who I haven't spoken to in ages. He was on e
  3. In the first video I was locked in and not body blocking (the door was behind me). I was cornered in and that is where he caught me. I am the one in red. I still can't see why you guys keep saying I was body blocking. Simply not the case. I also was not minging. I did follow the cops into the building but how was I minging?
  4. I chose to make a public report because I made a ticket and the ticket taker didn't really participate. Also I have less than 4 hours. You guys are giving too much credit
  5. No one was intentionally blocking him. And I was not with the group. I know Morton don't get me wrong. However he and I did not log on together. Nor did we know we were both playing. The players, Tommy and Morton were not blocking him at all. He was dragging them both and accusing them of being racist for roleplay reasons. I can get you proof if you needed. I was trespassing and he actually blocked me in (while dragging the others) which is why he got blocked in. No one intentionally blacked him in. Now my big issue is that he threatened me with a perma ban for lying when I did not
  6. I was between him and a door...... and he was dragging all of us.
  7. staminarose


    So Coach basically noclipped through people in roleplay which is abusing his staff powers. He then threatened me claiming that I was lying and saying that "lying on a server results in me perma banning you" The staff abuse The Threat I just feel as though he was trying to intimidate me on complaining about the staff abuse.
  8. the glitch happened prior to my sit
  9. I made a better quality video >{EDIT} Also there seems to be a healthy dose of this coming from you my friend.( I''m not saying, i''m, just saying) I am not responsible for my friends actions. And should not be treated badly because of it. >You seem to be taking great offence to comments that literally are jokes. And I don't know this staff member well enough to accept he may want to f**k me and wants to talk about my boobs.
  10. So I was playing the server last night and feel the staff team did not seem to be respectful. Kurt S kept following me and saying some awkward things, accusing me of being a minge when I had valid complaints, mocking me in sits and even dissed my boobs... he literally spent most the time following me and basically smothering me without reason. He also accused me of being a minge and according to him that meant whatever I said was invalid? That's how you create minges, not keep actual players. He also watched a guy prop push a car and watched player exploiting a cuff glitch which I pointe
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