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  1. Rickle no!! I never got the chance to talk to you, or get to know you but through my time on Clone Wars, you were one of the funniest and most kindest people on the server. Hope the future will do you well.
  2. *BUMP* Updated Playtime | Added more examples
  3. I was doing inspections when you guys were doing this and had the pleasure of walking into the BSD with Chimera squad surrounding the Grand Admiral singing about Creepers. PS: You can see me walking in and immediately walking out at 20:36
  4. What flavour was the cake?
  5. Aww. We'll miss you. You were a great person to be around and you were so genuine. Goodluck on the future! Hope it turns out well
  6. Steam Name: Kyle [IG] SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:175599001 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311463730/home/ In Game Name: 「❖」 Luvvy Time Played Imperial RP: 2 Weeks | 4 Hours (OLD: 1 Week | 10 Hours) Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? No Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I believe I am a well-respected person within the community. I have not received any bans or warns on the Imperial Gaming Server, Clone Wars Gaming Server and the Santos server. I believe I am trusted by my CO's and my fellow peers. I would like to think I am a responsible person especially since I am in a security regiment, I understand how I need to be serious, mature, responsible and accountable for my actions and people who see me around the ship know that. Being in a security regiment, I also understand that if I break the rules, it looks bad on me considering I'd be labelled a hypocrite, being in a security regiment, I am aware that I need to always be on my A game and to really be careful of my actions and I think that is a characteristic I can have for PAC as well. I understand all the rules that come with PAC, from tier restrictions to height restrictions to understanding the consequences if I do break any PAC rules. Although I am fairly new to the community (5 months close to 6), I understand how serious Imperial Gaming is about PAC and how its a privilege just to have PAC itself. I also understand that PAC is used as a way of enhancing my character for RP reasons, and would not use it as a way of ruining peoples immersion as I know how much immersion matters to people. Why do you want access to PAC3? I mainly want access to PAC to really enhance my roleplay on the server. As I said earlier, I know people on the server really care about their immersion, and I am one of them. I really want to add some depth in my roleplay, not only my roleplay but others as well. Although I am a beginner when it comes to PAC, I am willing to learn over the course of time to really enhance my basic understanding of what PAC is, I know that some of my peers are excellent at PAC and are willing to teach, and I am willing to learn. I can ensure that I am learning and taking steps to really improve my PAC from learning to make SWEPS, animation for blasters, etc. Another reason why I want access to PAC is to really enhance my character. Being in ISB, my our characters look the same, boring and bland. I really want to add a sense of uniqueness to my characters and to add a touch of personality to them in a way that is roleplay and lore friendly. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I believe I am a really active person in the community and I'd like to think I am respected in the community as well. I want to be given a chance to show what I am capable of when I have a way to enhance my roleplay especially being in ISB, my job is really roleplay oriented and having no mic sometimes makes it difficult to roleplay but if I had access to something that could enhance my roleplay, I think that would not only be beneficial for me but the people who I am roleplaying with. Although I just started learning PAC, I want to be given a chance to show what I can do over the course of time on the server and how I can use it in a unique way to enhance peoples immersion whilst on the server. Most of my peers do have access to PAC and I think I can learn a lot from them as some of their PACs are unbelievable and they are dedicated to PAC. People would see how if I had PAC, I'd be able to roleplay in a way never seen before, from PACs that correlate to other PAC users, for example, a PAC helping a downed trooper, ISB peaking the corner with a camera, etc. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SPOILER TAB IS BROKEN AND IT HAS A HUGE BLANK SPACE BEFORE THE PICTURE PAC3 Example 1 (New ISB head model, with hand on waist SWEP) PAC3 Example 2 (Custom Royal Guard with Droid) : PAC3 Example 3 (Casual Agent): PAC3 Example 4 (ISB Peaking the Corner with a camera SWEP): PAC3 Example 5 (Hologram SWEP): PAC3 Example 6 (Cyborg Clone Trooper, 21st Mynock Unit): PAC3 Example 7 (Rodian ISB agent, with hand on holster SWEP) Terms & Conditions Yes
  7. I am giving a big fat +1 | I haven't had any personal interactions with Sterling but I see him around the server a lot and from those experiences, I can conclude that he is a mature person who leads by example. The application alone is detailed and well written. Good luck!
  8. Eh I mean it sounds better then most American Idol auditions.
  9. Wow goodluck! Imagine Bailey as a professional esports player! I had a friend who played in the OPL, and maybe you could make it in to one of the Australian teams. You never know
  10. Kyle

    Good Memories

    Clone Wars was so unique. I really do miss it a lot...
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