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  1. Kyle

    Happy Birthday Kyle!

    I'm very sad that I didn't get to see this live, but its almost like I did. But in all seriousness, thanks to everyone, it really made my night especially since I can't go out due to iso.
  2. Big +1. I've gotten to know Legion throughout my time on Clone Wars and although we don't have that many interactions anymore, I believe he is the same genuine person that I met on Clone Wars.
  3. Kyle

    ISB Game Night

    Yes. Battle of the office workers.
  4. Regarding the blocking of level 2, as Kris said, key security assets are located within the floor. Having it open to everyone wouldn't really make sense considering no one would really need to be there without a reason.
  5. BUMP Replaced nearly all PAC3 examples with better ones | Re-wrote majority of the PAC3 responses | Updated playtime from 4 weeks to 5 weeks, 3 days.
  6. ---------------------------------------------- Name: Kyle Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198311463730/ Playtime: 5 weeks Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Wishlist - Ghost Red Dead Redemption II Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Do you have a pot of gold stashed somewhere? (Thanks for doing so much for the community) ----------------------------------------------
  7. Looks like i'm clearing my plans for December 11th.
  8. BUMP Added more examples | Updated some responses
  9. BUMP | Added more examples | Updated playtime from 3 weeks 3 days to 4 weeks |
  10. BUMP | Added more examples | Re-named some examples | Updated playtime from 2 weeks to 3 weeks |
  11. Wait who are you again? Joking Happy one year Kristofer! Hope it's been a good year.
  12. I'll still keep that birthday wish though
  13. Hi. You many know me as Kyle or Luvvy on the server I've been in this community for 6 months but you still may not know me. Anyways its no big secret that I don't talk. The reason is mostly because. So yeah that is why I don't speak. It might sound like a stupid reason but I just wanted to explain why.
  14. BUMP Added more examples | Working on making SWEP's soon
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