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  1. Hey just wanted to showcase what we have built in Navy so far. Members of our Group include: Verstappen, Fred, Twist, Moey, Kippy, Emerald, Fizzy, Stuba, Renegade, Pickle, Bill and some more.

    I am running Shaders on this with Extreme setting on.


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  2. 8 minutes ago, Sky said:

    Private militia for the COMPNOR director.

    Whilst I don't completely disagree with you, CompForce aren't exactly part of the military and would look strange for them to lineup as part of them.

    I disagree, they are in trooper uniform and look like scout/storm commandos so they would fit in

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  3. So i wanted to start this discussion as i have been thinking about these topics and am curious of the communities opinion so reply your thoughts.

    Firstly, The stage feels more like a given thing and not a privilege. At this point when a debrief occurs 75% of the server is on the stage. and honestly most regiments/people shouldn't be on the stage.
    The only people on the stage in my opinion should be, Inner circle, IHC, CL4+ and Inquisitors (not purge). I believe that you should earn your right to be on stage and just because your in a regiment that grants you access doesn't mean you deserve it. and by on the stage i also mean that regiments standing in the doors and on the walls should also line up. Navy, ISC and engineers should be lining up and so should purge and Compforce.

    Secondly, During departure and other events i find a lacking amount of troopers, it seems that there are only speciality people and people in suits. This one doesn't bug me as much but it seems weird that for a community to be Lore friendly that 75% of the server are in suits or special regiments. And yes there are more regiments with troopers but you never seem to see more then 5 people on per army regiment. When you see the lines awaiting dropship assignment more of the server are on the sides or behind then people lining up in regiments.

    Well after my little rant i understand it might stir up some controversy and i understand that i am not a army regiment and am far from it but i think making some of these changes can help the server be a little more interesting. Dont mean to call anyone out negatively just sparking some discussion and ideas.


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    • Steam Name:
      Hawk [IG]
    • SteamID32:
    • Steam Profile Link:
    • What Part of the community are you from
      Imperial RP Server
    • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
    • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
    • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
      Superadmin on a DarkRP and Minecraft Server moderation and ownership
    • What do you believe is the purpose of Support Team on the server?
      To assist the players in their Garrys mod technical support and assist in joining the server and any other connection issues
    • Why are you applying to be a Support Team Member?
      I think its a good new pathway for me, My job im trying to get into is IT manager which includes supporting people with technology so its a good opportunity to learn
    • What do you believe you can bring to the Support team?
      Another member to deal with support claims and someone eager to learn aspects of support
    • Do you understand that you are required to join the support channels and provide assistance to people at all times?
    • Why should you be selected over other applicants?
      I believe i have the abilities to join and i can help out when im needed
    • Anything else you would like to add?
    • Terms & Conditions
  4. Imperial Engineers
    "Design, Build, Fortify"

    Imperial Engineers are currently recruiting. And we need YOU

    Joining Engineers will grant you a wide range of skills and tools to help you in the future.
    Engineers are tasked with repairing and maintaining the ISD Chimaera and other ships and vehicles in the empire.
    We have a multitude of specialisations which allow you to further your skills in a specific area.
    Maybe join the Robotics Division [RBT] and work on robots and technological systems.
    or perhaps you take a fancy for star-ships and cruisers, Well the Aerospace division [SPC] is for you.
     Modify and repair ships and refurnish captured rebel cruisers to work for the Empire.

    Or perhaps you enjoy building? Well the Civil and Architectural division [CIV] May be for you.
    Build offices for High-ups or bunks for other regiments.
    Joining engineers gives you many career options and a great bonding experience with existing friendly engineers

    Contact Fred or Verstappen for more Information

    Engineer Promotional Video [OOC]


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  5. 16 hours ago, Delta said:


    - Theta has been around for a while and has most likely learned from other PAC users for pointers.

    - Has a great community repuation.

    - Average responses to all questions.

    - Average looking pacs besides example 5 

    ^^^ Agree with this but best of luck!

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