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  1. I really hope it is and isn't at the same time but it's gotta be April fools
  2. I disagree, they are in trooper uniform and look like scout/storm commandos so they would fit in
  3. So i wanted to start this discussion as i have been thinking about these topics and am curious of the communities opinion so reply your thoughts. Firstly, The stage feels more like a given thing and not a privilege. At this point when a debrief occurs 75% of the server is on the stage. and honestly most regiments/people shouldn't be on the stage. The only people on the stage in my opinion should be, Inner circle, IHC, CL4+ and Inquisitors (not purge). I believe that you should earn your right to be on stage and just because your in a regiment that grants you access doesn't mean you deserv
  4. Slim down the channels we don't use. Eg. 1 public lounge and remove the game channels or something. Put the branches together, NHC under Navy and AHC under army. Palpy under sith area
  5. Name: Verstappen Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/HawkI64/ Playtime: 3 weeks 23 hours Which Game Would You Want to Win?: The Starwars one Anything Else You'd Like to Add? How do you afford to giveaway these games
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