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  1. hey uhh, yeah idk if you guys have heard of me. kinda new, started playing like a year ago or something, anyways i hope i see you around. names verstappen, yeah like that race car driver ik how do i post th
  2. Steam Name: Hawk [IG] SteamID32: 76561198240826388 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198240826388 In Game Name: Verstappen Time Played Imperial RP: 7 weeks Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you used PAC3 Before? Yes Why should you be trusted with PAC3? I believe i should be trusted with pac3 as i have spent a significant amount of time with the community as staff and am a well-known member of the community. Pac3 is easily abused by making large files and crashing computers but i am aware of the limitations and what produces lag. Why do you want access to PAC3? I want access to Pac3 because i think its a great tool for creating and nurturing RP especially on games like Gmod where custom models are complex to make and require downloads. With Pac3 you can bypass that and create characters and actions to further improve RP. I enjoy using Pac3 and making Pac's for others and learning tools and programs related to pac3. During my time in Event master i learnnt how to use Blender and Gimp to create custom models to import. Why do you believe you deserve PAC3? I believe i have been a long standing member in the community and have shown my trust and ability to use Pac3. it would be wonderful to utilise this amazing tool to develop my characters backstory and role play significantly. I also believe i deserve Pac3 as it is a great tool to learn about Source engine 3D modelling and image manipulation. I have used these tools very frequently i have become very knowledgeable in the subject of importing models PAC3 Example 1: PAC3 Example 2: PAC3 Example 3: PAC3 Example 4: PAC3 Example 5: Terms & Conditions Yes
  3. In a perfect world i would have every player at 100 hp and ec's at 200. Everyone gets E11's or some special weapons for special regiments like DT. this would make combat better and potentially having a respawn timer similar to the one in Santos. This would be fun but wouldn't happen
  4. I also agree and think the whole system needs change but as swift mentioned it's tricky to do. I'm sure the event team can discuss this as a whole and find some resolutions as its definitely a problem for us to get ec's when it's not fun
  5. +1, Good response, nice guy and good dedication to RP
  6. I put together this video of my collection of videos/screenshots. Its nothing fancy and i hope you have a laugh and enjoy the cinematic of my handsome face. Credit to Bailey for the Splash intro
  7. i could get behind this
  8. - Minimal amount of detail. - Half decent standing with community - Not funny - Didnt laugh -1
  9. Good guy and funny at times. Needs tiny bit more detail +1 from me
  10. This is impossible! those TIE fighters are too big to fit in the hanger. How is this possible??? Immersion = Ruined
  11. One of my pieces of work. Auctioning it starting at $500
  12. Im the Leonardo Da Vinci of Microsoft paint
  13. Hey just wanted to showcase what we have built in Navy so far. Members of our Group include: Verstappen, Fred, Twist, Moey, Kippy, Emerald, Fizzy, Stuba, Renegade, Pickle, Bill and some more. I am running Shaders on this with Extreme setting on.
  14. HawkI64 - how much dedicated wam?
  15. Neutral - Responses are extremely lacking in detail, Event ideas are locked and we cannot see. Fix those up and you will get a +1. Tip: Look at the other accepted apps for an idea on the amount of detail needed
  16. Verstappen

    Ban Appeal

    You have spent a large amount of time perma banned. Your a good guy and would love to have you back on the server. +1
  17. We have talked about this but havent seen anything done yet
  18. +1 Not a minge, just funny. Would be great to have you on team
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