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  1. Yep, all because I threw some candy in a corner and ran off. I have worse luck with ISB and High Command than I do with shock.
  2. I'll never recover from that donut re-ed. Just today, first time back in 4 month, immedietly found by ISB and forced to do re-ed with barrels because I "Encouraged others to follow the communist regime and steal the wealth and power from those up above". It just wasnt the same lmao.
  3. Then whats confusing about it?
  4. Is he still is ISB? I heard he left soon after I made this poster for him.
  5. I used to make SWRP posters for some of the Older ISB and Medic Trooper players on the server and I'm looking to keep it going again. If you're interested let me know. Here are some examples of what has and can be made:
  6. What does being in media team entail?
  7. My own characters poster Loki's poster (with the wrong model) Latest one for Stitches. I want this kind of thing to go somewhere because I enjoy doing it. I'll take feedback if its not to harsh,
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