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  1. I dare you to ask Tarkin to move his office.
  2. I saw the space+r whilst going at full speed! You break checked Tarkin and he was like, fuck it, I got a dashcam, I'll get paid.
  3. I'm hoping Ron Howard and the writers know what their doing. Star Wars is always filled with corny dialogue, I just hope it isn't dry.
  4. You were like a father to me, you trained me from birth and molded me into the EM I am today. Its sad to see another dad go, youll be missed.
  5. -1 doesnt sound like a storm trooper
  6. I like what I'm seeing, if you need help Gusky, gimme a shout. All my efforts for Lothal were for nothing apparently
  7. I'm pretty sure I have all my designs of when the server was going to make that huge map, I can give ya those if you need ideas.
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