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  1. Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/negrus99 RP name: Keta Have you downloaded the mods: Yes, already had them all
  2. Sorry for the glitchy footage, shadow play had a fit.
  3. lowkey http://kajar9.wixsite.com/cscheater2/downloads Thats the one I used, not sure which one @Whitey was giving out.
  4. In text, credits sound like a great idea. But like people have said before, to get a stable economy we'd need actual professionals to help with pricing, taxation and the lot. Imo, if we're adding credits, we may aswell add the rest. Take different RP games like samp, the economy after a year is often hugely inflated after most things are bought, meaning everything needs to be resold, then the market price of most things would need to rise to keep up with the rise in prices, its just a huge head fuck.
  5. Keta


    You're not mute when the lights go off.
  6. I found it's better to wait until people get bored of the Star Destroyer, like yesterday, and act like Rishi Moon is a reward. From what I know, Event Masters have been planning days where we'll be stationed on another planet, like we have done before. All events taking place on that map, if we fail, we leave, if we win, next mission. And so forth.
  7. New Album out on the Holonet, buy it now.
  8. Be a real man, buy Grandeur
  9. Banned for replying to this thread
  10. Not that big of deal considering 4 rebels and a Geonosian can force us to crash land onto a desert planet, then ground us at Rishi Moon for a couple weeks.
  11. Try and make sure everything is application controlled (auto), if that doesnt work, make sure everything isnt application controlled.
  12. That looks more like a graphics card issue. Make sure GMOD is set to run with your graphics card, and not inbuilt graphics. If you have NVIDIA, fiddle around with your settings in: NVIDIA Ctrl Panel > Manage 3D Settings > GMOD / HL2
  13. Seems like AWR was powerplaying with Peacocks death... ISB mass PK?
  14. Any time Ive played that game, I just get chucked into European games and its hard to play.
  15. Keta

    Thanks Everyone

    Disappointing, man. That "break" didnt work.
  16. Steam Details Steam Name: Keta Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:56522184 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/negrus99/ In Game Details In Game Name: Deimos In Game Rank: Master Instructor In Game Regiment: Shadow Guard Time Played (Server Time/Screenshot evidence): 7W 4D 19 HR Question Why do you want to be involved in this Focus Group (Detail is Key): As the slogan for Imperial Gaming states; this server is like a second home to me. Since day one, I have always been interested in contributing to the server, whether it be with Events, P
  17. Keta


    [REDACTED]: /me starts to massage [REDACTED]'s shoulder plates [REDACTED]: /me puts his mouth around [REDACTED]'s vagina and begins to suck on it [REDACTED]: /w How does that feel? [REDACTED]: /w fuck wolf found out [Connections | 08:07:29][REDACTED] has disconnected
  18. After reading your post regarding the giving of weapons, I can see why it would need to be an Admin or Snr Admin decision. SCAR is already specialized in Special Operations, with the use of cloak. There are only three other regiments with that ability, the Terror Troopers (Dead Reg), the Shadow Troopers (Dead Reg), and the Shadow Guard, who can only use it when given permission by the Emperor or Darth Vader. SCAR is special enough as it is, the introduction of Lore Characters will only cause problems if an EM gives them a weapon to use. The problems stem mainly on the fact that every
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