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  1. I'm leaving my position in staff, my role as CO of Navy and the server.

    I could leave a rant here about why I'm leaving but I really don't have an excuse, I'm just bored of GMOD I guess.

    Shoutout to everyone cause you're all legends.


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  2. Just posting here for my input - It seems like Supersoup and the other party has already talked about it and both have come to terms with what has happened. I personally didn't see an argument and I feel like some people are creating one where there isn't. Supersoup is very open to changing and editing his application, he's invited people to comment what's wrong with his APP, that's a quality everybody should have.


    Leave a -1 or a +1 with your opinion, this is an EM application, not a report.

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  3. There's guidelines in place for event characters, if the EM's aren't following them, take it up with Welshy, he takes these things very seriously.

    The management team have even put in preset characters of which don't have a health over 750.

    However, if there are 10 event characters and 90 players, some things need to be changed so that it isn't just a slaughter.

  4. -1, in time most people will know the difference between a Vector Trooper and a Snow Trooper.

    The benifits I see of being vector is that you have the option to create your own lore.

    While incinerators are stuck walking across hot planets. Vector Troopers can act as both cold assault and hot assault troopers. You have the option, which many regiments dont, to freely pick what makes your regiment.


    We removed snow troopers, incin and flame troopers and merged them into one Extreme Enviroment Trooper Regiment.

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