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  1. +1 i needed a medic and kamelion was the first to respond and he was very kind and he was showed me where the debrief was
  2. Tight corridors, small spaces, elevators everywhere, escapes. + NPCs/ECs = Good Luck. The DS would be a terrible event map. Even finding a place to put the NPCs/ECs in would be hard. Rebels wouldn't be able to board the ship, droids wouldn't be able to board the ship. Any outside ships attempting to board would be denied and sent back.
  3. +1 u do a lot of guarding and u take care of ur regiment and u are very nice and ur examples are very good.
  4. +1 pac3 examples are very good and u have very detailed answers to the questions. you are very hard working as well becoz i saw you guarding krennic and you waited a long term until u started moving again.
  5. +1 yuri has very good pacs and when i talked to him in ooc hours he was nice and helped me to do quests and told me where to the quests in the f7 menu where. he also is good at 1v1s but i beat him once.
  6. +1 i think i met you before but you didn't have a mic, you were very nice and friendly though. your pacs look good as well and you have a lot of time and dedication to the server and your regiment
  7. +1 matrix does a lot for his regiment and he deserves pac3 tier 1. he has been working hard for a long time and is very kind and helpful to anyone in need.
  8. +1 sterling is very good and nice. he has been working a lot on his characters and improving his pacs/roleplay.
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