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  1. Server is slowly getting better!! o7
  2. thanks for having me
  3. Aiko

    Loading screen

    @Baileyif you wanna lock and move this topic that'd be awesome!
  4. Aiko

    Loading screen

    its not their API key it's whoever setup the loading screen's key. and it's been fixed or is being looked into. thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  5. @Binny I believe you were the one to ban him.
  6. I love this shit add it in, gives things for the economy +1
  7. I very much lite this 1 fro ,e
  8. https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/itemstore-inventory-bank-and-trading-for-darkrp
  9. With the current amount of weapons and the current weapon base there's not too much variety made for it and when looking for quality additions for weapons it makes the options to choose from even smaller.
  10. -1 | Constant Player Harassment. Take the week to cool down. Maybe a reduced ban time but I believe you shouldn't be unbanned.
  11. This would be super cool, I hope I'm not tasked with making it... I mean whatttt..
  12. Aiko

    Ban Appeal

    +1 Corrupted Ban
  13. It's okay, I've got you in mind <3 you won't find any.. I'll even give you the back end code too <3
  14. I got 3 mentions, I must be doing something right...
  15. Holy shit ubermolen getting on 😳
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