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  1. -1 | Constant Player Harassment. Take the week to cool down. Maybe a reduced ban time but I believe you shouldn't be unbanned.
  2. This would be super cool, I hope I'm not tasked with making it... I mean whatttt..
  3. It's okay, I've got you in mind <3 you won't find any.. I'll even give you the back end code too <3
  4. I got 3 mentions, I must be doing something right...
  5. Holy shit ubermolen getting on 😳
  6. and a Happy Birthday to @Jman1308
  7. Raw, it's just so much quicker
  8. How are you? Since joining the IG Developer Team I have actually been pretty good, its given me a purpose and heavily increased my moral. Also made some good friends. Last few weeks have been a highlight of this year. Do anything interesting this month? Actually yes! I got to do a one week work experience at CSIRO IM&T team (Network Administration Team) met some great people there and got to learn so much about the industry. Also got to go to a Datacentre and service the Supercomputer. Have you found a new hobby or interest? Yes! GLua Coding! From learning it to be
  9. I never got the chance to meet you properly but I always heard amazing things about you, you will be missed but I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and when the time comes for you to return to the community I'd love to get you know you. o7 /| /|\
  10. I guess this is it. My time on the server has been getting thinner and thinner but today that will stop. Some of you may recognise me and miss me and some of you may not. I have always loved my time on Imperal Gaming and every single player on apart of it. But nothing lasts forever as they say. I have had my fair share of time on the server, I have had my ups and my downs, My laughs and my arguments, but now is the time I leave. My days have been getting busier and busier with work, CIT and school. Now time to thank the people who have made IG unforgetable. I am very sorry if I for
  11. O7 for Chopz and congrats on Jman for getting temp Comm Manager
  12. TeamSpeak Details TS Name: Riek Ban Details (Insert a screenshot of the ban notice here) How long was the ban for: Permanent Which staff member banned you: Wolf What date did the ban occur: I am not sure but it was recent What was the reason for the ban: For Mass Poking Explain the situation in detail which led to you being banned: I was in a discord call and we were messing around and they said you should mass poke everyone on TS and then did it again. Wolf moved me in and said something along the the lines of I swear if you do that again you will be ba
  13. Aiko

    Poster Designs

    Amazing work
  14. Aiko


    B r u h Did you even read anything of just got a quick glance and replied
  15. Just recently got photoshop again and I made some signatures. What do you think? Don't know Oxland's @ @Flame and @Riek Any suggestions on how to make future signatures better?
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