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  1. ok shore trooper keep those beaches safe cringe
  2. RIP vaders chambers I guess (unless I just didn't see correctly). Also that redacted room kinda making me interested on what's inside :eyes:
  3. Bumping again as we're accepting a few more in! Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about applying.
  4. Welcome to the forums!
  5. Brings back memories when me & @Daxx gave cookies out for filling out a form and then had a massive fight over if cookies were allowed or not outside of breaktime. CFP had some good moments...
  6. Ghost, you were a legend. I'll always remember those first days of you when you lead the mudtroopers and I saw you at Rank 40 trying to lead a regiment and I didn't expect to see anything spectacular to be honest- that was until later and I realized what an excellent commander you was, bringing other regiments together and making RP fun, whether through simulations like trench warfare, or the RP scenarios you brought.
  7. I have to agree with this post, the server just feels more restrictive than ever before and I've recently found myself having less and less motives to play, having the longest burnout yet despite the fact that I should be really happy in the position I have. The only enjoyment I've had around the server (without RP to do) was my interactions with Kristofer as it was lighthearted banter and fun, however since then it's just been standing around and not really seeing much new stuff going on. I would rather play a server thats more fun rather than more immersive, but before you tell me to switch
  8. Is there a maximum amount of reaction images allowed to be added at one time? For example we currently have 12 different types of reactions, but could there be more?
  9. Didn't talk about your epic time in CFP sheesh. Jks, grats on being around for so long Baildoge
  10. The server taking such a beating from losing so many legends. o7
  11. zzz Oh, yeah, sounds good Sky... zzzzzzzzz (I'm down)
  12. Good stuff! For constructive critism, for starters I really like how you placed some scenes together and flicker between to contrast past and present, kinda shows how it's like hard to change your actions once you've made them. As an example, you had the two different sides of Kylo interacting with Han, which I feel worked. I only really feel the only "downside" would be despite some of the scenes being placed well, one or two seemed off, it's hard to explain it. It should build up and up and up to make people take something out of it. This could just be me finding something to critique des
  13. Kristofer. The type of guy who gets a kick out of writing school essays.
  14. o7, really don't have much else to add, and dont feel the need to say goodbye because I'll still be talking to you.
  15. If it was a quote, would you use "" in it or not? Just need to be sure, thanks.
  16. This is really hype now I'm not gonna lie lmao, this is amazing stuff Twist, and thanks Frosty for the reply.
  17. Ooh, thats really neat. So will this be made into multiple uniquely styled maps? Also do you have an idea of the size of the file will be to download it when it's finished?
  18. I see that you took some of the really good features out of the Republic Titan Base map, I really loved those details.
  19. ....Ah yes, agreeable. Right click > Translate.... Welcome to the community.
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