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  1. Uhhhhh making Silar CO. Nah but taser training, when someone gets AoSd second or third time in a week you could give them like a heavy lecture. Honestly down to management/IHC if you could extend time like how ISB does the if they're inactive then add more time rule in re-eds. Honestly feel for you guys though since 5 minutes can't change anything, so you just have to write names, Comms in, document then they're out.
  2. Bruh Switch up your console to the NX (get it? heh...)
  3. Welly

    The Best Of IG

    Yo and the first clip had me dying too yo (heh, get it? Cuz I was shot?? Haha....)
  4. Welly

    Yo howzit

    I will hunt you down and jab you with my pike... mark my words. (That was awful hahah)
  5. Welly

    Yo howzit

    Yeah until the Welshy incident bahaha. Sorry about that still!
  6. Welly

    Yo howzit

    Oh hey it's the guy who monitored me in ISB
  7. Welly

    Yo howzit

    Nah haha I've been here for a while now (I don't do posting, more viewing, kid)
  8. Welly

    Yo howzit

    So I'm not new to IG by any means, however recently I've been stuck in a labyrinth of different names so you may not recognise me haha. I generally go by Welly but currently you may know me by my Royal Guard name, Jupiter. Before this name I had a different Royal Guard name but there was an update to the RG naming rules so I became named after a planet. Other names were Junior Agent Joseff about two months ago, or Cupid before the RG change. So there's my different names, hopefully you can recognise me in game!
  9. SCAR can too so many choices and so many wrongs with them...
  10. Scrap that - I didn't know you received a message so yeah
  11. Banshee will always reign supreme
  12. That first point shouldn't be a problem for Sith, ISB, etc. For example Sith get to guard the Sith Temple as a quest (unless it was removed as of recent). However my main problem is with the laughing at the Emperor quest. If you have a model that doesn't do the emote (Droids) then you can basically get away with it without being noticed and removes the entire challenge of the mission. Otherwise I agree with the other two points.
  13. What regis were you in previously and what are your preferences when it comes to things such as how the regiment operates and it's members?
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