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  1. BUMP! Thanks so far guys. - Updated play time, +2d 12h or so. - Fixed a mistake in there with word choice - Added bold font to the important note
  2. Neutral, almost a +1. Took you a while to bump this again. However will absolutely be willing to change as this application was jam-packed with examples and detail. Just keep active and I'll change it. Best of luck!
  3. Cold drink - Water, always have a water bottle near me within arm's reach. Hot drink - Yeah, Hot Chocolate. Soft drink - Fanta/Ginger Beer if that counts.
  4. How many times can I +1 this damn. Noni is one of the most dedicated people I've seen and pushes through things, meaning that I can see him on the EM team for a while and I also know that he has the correct mindset to be an EM. Only thing I'll be intrigued to see is how you'll deal with people who really annoy you since I've never seen you on your firm side before. Time will tell for this though, best of luck!
  5. This although my stance is neutral leaning close to a +1. Best of luck! EDIT: Changed to +1 as Rook's explanation cleared my concerns.
  6. AOS Uber for robbery. Took the words straight from my mouth. (He summed up my opinion here) +1!
  7. The examples were what sold me here for my +1.
  8. Neutral! Very trustable and friendly which is great for an EM. However: Needs alot more detail in the main app. First event idea seems uninspired, although this could be saved with some sort of extra part to the event. Best o' luck, Eggos!
  9. Holyyyyyyy damn that's some detail. Only feedback for you is for making sure you fix some errors in your grammar/spelling. I have the nitpick of always hating the lowercase "i" for example. That's just for feedback but otherwise there is NO reason for you to not come back into the staff team! +1
  10. Steam Name: [IG] Welly SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:96597177 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198153460083 In Game Name: [2IC] [374-20] Welly Time Played Imperial RP: 4w 5d 2h Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? DC to avoid arrest. - Feb 8th RDM - March 6th DC to avoid arrest. - March 3rd DC to avoid punishment. - March 28th DC to avoid arrest - April 10th DISCLAIMER: Despite this being 5 warns (and it states in the Terms & Conditions), I have been granted to put this application by Cecil, despite the warns. Also, to explain, before you -1 this for the warns I racked up, please keep in mind the dates, this was 6 months ago (when I was still new), and since I have rarely been involved with a sit, or if ever was either a mistake or a misconception. The big cut in dates from Feb 8th to March 6th was because after the first DC to avoid arrest I rarely got on again and when I did come back I did manage to rack up another 3 warns, without realizing the weight of them or even knowing I had them as this was when I was still new to the game (not that this is a valid excuse, but I genuinely was new and unaware that I had so many until later and what they meant). The only warn I still hold close was the April warn as this was a geniune offence where I purposely took the warn. However, I have made an attempt to make changes for the better, and it took me 2 months to procrastinate over this application and after coming to terms with my attitude and how I am seen both in and out of character, I hope that others can see the shift of my intent towards the server and don't hold my stupid decisions against me. Have you had any bans (If so state them)? None. Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)? This is one of my first servers, so negative. What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server? That everyone, no matter who they are, can have a fun, enjoyable and uninterupted experience on the server. This means that no matter who you are, you may have great experiences on the server, and that aslong as you show this value to others, you may have those same rights. If someone minges and purposely ruins other people's times, they will have to face the consequences as they are not respecting others basic rights and may be given a warn, or other form of infraction out of character to make it obvious where they messed up, but at the same time the Moderator should point them in the right direction as to how they can better improve and stop them from repeating the same action again. The Moderator should ALWAYS remain on middle ground, as it would be like in a court; not presumed in the wrong until proven guilty, or in the server, not treat the accused player like they had done what they did with full intent. Moderators may also not just be there to deal with wrongful players, however instead they may be there to spawn in or create things to enhance RP, such as items that may be used in the scenario, or TIE fighters for ISC as another example. Another situation is when under 20 players, RP is not completely in affect and other players may want vehicles spawned in for example, to which that may happen under the right circumstances and the right people. Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? I want to be a Trial Moderator as this would allow 2 major things to happen for not just me, but other players. The first reason I want to be in a staff position is due the fact that I wish to merely just help out other players when they require assistance, and give them advice that I wish I had recieved earlier on in my time on the server, to better the other person. I want a happy playerbase where despite people having conflicting views, they can get along and come to agreements with one another, or atleast prevent them from being aggresive towards one another. If I could make everyone in a sit feel positive when I finish a sit, I would be over the moon and this would be my main drive to be a staff member, and could keep me going for ages. My second main reason, is while being in regiments in-character, I have seen players in my regiments who RDM, FailRP or get aggressive to the point of it being more OOC than in character, and seeing this made me so frustrated as even if I had put a ticket in, it would've stopped by the time a Moderator was avaliable, and their attitude would remain there for another time. If I was able to be a Moderator, I could witness and easily be able to act upon it in the moment. Also in my past regiments I have seen REDACTED intel that could get a player warned in OOC. My final point (weakest, but still a point) is that all of us in 374th are just the "User" user group, so it's harder to deal with things; although we can make a ticket it doesn't always do the trick, it won't have the outcome we want for our trooper, which I will expain below. What do you believe you can bring to the staff team? Following on from above: troopers who would adopt a mingey attitude I would be able to stop them, possible warn them, but also point them in the right direction to stop them from repeating offences, which I would do for everyone who is involved in a sit, as in most cases (excluding RDM'ers who just straight up kill everyone for no reason and others) everyone there except witnesses are somewhat in the wrong, whether they provoked someone or said the wrong thing. I've seen people who can easily be annoyed due to one thing said, jokingly or not, I've seen it and been on both sides. Also, with my month on the server I have knowledge and experiences that will allow me to make a justified decision on things. Another important thing I can bring is activity and lots of free time, as I am also in a NZ time, so I can be on early unless there is an assignment or work I have to complete (IRL tendencies *sigh*). In the staff team I can bring an attitude that is positive without ill-intent for others, and I don't really have anyone I dislike on the server, and this means I can take both sides of the story openly without trying shutdown anyone if they try to explain themselves, which is essential for Mods. Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do? Immediately grab the RDM'ers SteamID32, check logs, and if I haven't seen the RDMing myself then I would check around for eyewitnesses by either tickets or if they were killed by the said Mass RDM'er. I would check for anything that could piece things together to see if they had any motive. Another choice is to check chat logs and search for if they spoke in chat to the person, and not voice. I would also check for things such as an AoS, as this could be the reason behind the RDMing, like if they are under pursuit by SK/RT and they mistakenly think that it was okay, although this wouldn't lead to me treating the situation differently, as they DC'd as well as the RDM, which cannot be given leniency, or else others may expect the same treatment. Then I would get all evidence together, compiling it, warn the user for "RDM x#, DC to avoid punishment", then ask a higher ranked staff member if they need to hand out an appropriate ban dependant on circumstances. Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do? Approach the situation with a clear mind and not instantly assume the bullying is done purposely, as the other person may have been provoked. I would first drag the bully away from the player and keep the two players away from one another if this was in-game. I would first off ask the bullied person for the whole story and what happened, and what lead up to the situation. In the background I would have some sort of notes or recording software to catch everything they say. Again, if this was in-game, I would be checking logs as they speak to make sure what they're saying matches up with what is shown. I would then proceed to calm the person and reasure them that they will be fine and there will be a positive outcome from the sit, to make sure they don't retalliate or get annoyed during the sit. I would then bring over the bully and tell them what I heard and see if they have anything that adds or is different from their perspective, to find out the source of their annoyance that lead them to bully the other player. If this situation got too out of control, seperate them again, in such a way where I can still monitor the two of them. I would then proceed to grab a SteamID32 from them both and write them down somewhere along with their names in-game. I would then grab anyone else who may be able to contribute to what is being said, to support or disprove the bully's reasoning for their actions. I would then make my decision, run it through with a staff member to see if it was the right call. These decisions would either be that they are under a monitor list and if the bully's name pops up again they'd be warned, or if the bully did not seem sorry for their actions I would straight up warn them for "Player disrespect", as bullying is a global issue and some people just can't come to their sense unless they have a punishment handed out. You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do? Record, note, check logs, etc. Anything that would help me when I try to show higher ups, like Admins or management to support my claims. I would NOT go towards said staff member at this point and I instead would see if they just did it as a one time offence, or if they are constantly doing it with intent. As this is going on, I would be checking through any logs or evidence that would show me that they are doing it for good reason. However, of course if this abuse went way too far (with visible evidence of them doing so) I would find myself likely going straight to management (whether TS3, Discord, whatever would be best) and get them to take action as soon as possible before real damage is done. I would note down what the said staff member does and who was affected by what they did. Finally, I would confront the person, ask them what they are doing and then see what their reasons are, if they had any. I would from here give the evidence and leave it to management; I could not do much else aside from watch and continue grabbing evidence. As long as Management is immediately aware with sufficient evidence, that would be the best I could do. Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do? I would try to make the person making the threat reconsider while at the same time talking in staff chat for someone high enough to ban to teleport to me cloaked so they can do so while I try to stop the person from doing a DDOS attack on the server. If I could atleast buy a few seconds before a DDOS then that's the best I can do - keep them distracted while someone else gets them banned before the person can do anything that could really harm the server. Since it states that this person is threatening, I would just record and collect evidence from logs. I would also use this time to find their motives incase they ever tried to get unbanned and I could use what they said to help staff decide if they deserve the unban or not. If they said they threatened the server because they hated the server or something, then the unban would likely be denied, however if they said that they were just kidding around, in their unban it may help people decide on a +1 or -1, as this could have been someones bad humour or trying to get a reaction from people. Terms & Conditions I agree to them and will uphold them.
  11. Is that Imperial Commandos or Scout Troopers? :0 Great work though!
  12. Welly

    The empire strikes

    Is this a Pac3 post thingo then instead of media? Though saying that, absolutely mad PAC holy. Good work
  13. Even at a checkers table ;( my career got crushed..
  14. So it's that time where I have matured by 1 year older. This type of post and question I'm about to ask I've pondered on and decided to hold back on since it seems kind of attention seeking, self obsessed and I don't know, pathetic to ask? But seeing as I'm not getting younger, whatever I'll ask anyways lmao. What are your opinions on me, as a person, and have you had experiences negative or positive interactions when chatting? I'm open to anything that may help me change for the better Anything said shouldn't and I'll make sure won't be made into an arguement, I'm hoping to come to terms with some peeps anyway. Yes, this post is similar to Sky's post with the same question. I'm just genuinely interested in the everyone's views. Hell, ask yourself the same thing and see what conclusion you come to and how you can better yourself, or if your on the right track.
  15. Farewell, wishing you only the best. o7
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