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  1. isn't there also the crime rate mechanic where is too much crime is going down marshal law can be enforced while I've not seen it happen yet that system could work if like for example, every store was being robbed repeatedly the crime rate system could be used to counteract that but idk I'm not fully sure how the system works
  2. O7 Rip we will miss you man
  3. +1 Decent Examples Good RP Reasons and RP opportunities Decent Guy and Seems good at RP Some things could use a little bit of a touch up in the Examples
  4. Sounds Good! be happy to help if you need any
  5. Nice, I should see if i can get one of my old re-education logs as well some of the people are gold
  6. Ape


    I'm really sorry to hear that. At first, I won't lie I thought you were a bit of a dick but after actually getting to talk to you it turned out you were a pretty cool guy sad to see you go man. You will always be SK/RT Attached in my heart. O7 Good Luck on where ever you end up and hopefully we'll see you again some time
  7. Well this is what I did now might change it but IDK I think it looks decent I guess.
  8. Imma see if i can make one that's not super sh*t
  9. As long as you don't jetpack to the top of engine room every time you are aosed you're fine with me Welcome back!
  10. Solar you are being Disowned from shock >:V
  11. I don't think i have ever seen or spoke to you in game before :T
  12. +1 Reasons above as well as the best of IG was good
  13. I'd be down dont got newest DLC tho
  14. i'll always remember that one time when ISB gassed the brig and he passed it off as a "Training Exercise"
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