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  1. I think someone (probably someone up on stage) organised a sync salute for all regiments to follow. I believe this would look better than individual regiments/singular troopers saluting.
  2. For laggy event: we cant do much about that just hope you can find a better server host someday. For ECs simulating multiple rebels: EM need to manage better and get better tools like spawners/npcs/multiple EMs running different EC squads. Snipers OP: yeah, but in mass scale it doesnt matter Longer firefights: Give pilots a reason to exist, add teleporters, add transporters, add spawners Low EC numbers: Npcs? Reward ECs better? Most of my suggestions may be called out saying it will cause lag and crash the server, yeah, i know, but it crashes alot anyway.
  3. Suggestion: Lower average imperial hp by 1/4 and average EC hp by 1/2 EG: Players: 600 to 450, 300 to 225. EC: 3000 to 1500. Ect (This is just a suggestion and should likely change based on better observation of how much hp would actually need to change) Why?: Because we train to be tactical, but the hp people gets makes them reckless and rely on how much faster one can kill another rather than tactics and positioning. This is shown constantly in events, players will run at each other with guns rather than use cover or fight at range. I hope this change might provide players with the incentive to perform more strategical and cautiously I know this change might likely make the higher ranks upset because it would effect them the most, and people may shoot this suggestion down straight away based off personal positions, but think of the overall picture. I hope people give constructive criticism in ways to either apply this suggestion or modify it to work better for everyone.
  4. +1 to the Riot Shield swap Maybe give support +50 or +25 hp to compensate And give Heavy the DLT-19 instead of the RT-97c so they have more ammo than a E11
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