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  1. To all who were involved in this, I thank you majorly for the time you put in. Even though this is a game that means a lot for me <3
  2. I would not like this to be locked - It was my mistake for posting this in Announcements and honestly if people have a problem with that they can throw it at me.
  3. Wombat you might have not know me alot but you made a big difference for me in the community with your positivity, I will look into a a donation regiment <3
  4. Dang, You gotta say something, don't you? You always got to try to get on my nerves.
  5. Hello Members Of The Star Destroyer. You may not remember me but I was transported off your Star-Destroyer to take care of my own fleet which sadly had a malfunction which led our whole crew to die. I have lost communication with anyone up to this date. I have been captured by these so called 'Mandalorians' who are transforming me into a sort of 'Meta-Human' I hope everyone is doing well. Goodbye. -------------------------------------- OOC - Thx for a great time everyone. I will be hopefully returning as a new character under a new name if my custom donation job is accepted..
  6. Cya man - You were amazing in our community! What is happening with staff? I've been away for 1-2 months
  7. Ok, ill be honest I have been mean to others on their own forum post being really disrespectful towards them. I do apologize to anyone that I did offend but I believe I have changed now. This is a serious topic and hopefully, staff will figure something out. -Garr
  8. Name: Garr Regiment: StormTrooper Rank: Private Playtime: 1 weeks + FYI: I Recently resigned from my previous regiment, that explains my rank
  9. Barron, it sad to see you go. the community will miss you so much <3 -Garr
  10. I will express off @Delta response. Shore is quite dead leaving himself the only active member which is quite hard since in many events shore gets certain orders that are different to the rest of the server. Now I'm not saying that is a bad thing but having only one shore is quite weird as he normally comes up against heaps of bots. Now if there was a way MHC could work with shore to help 'rebuild' them it would be great.
  11. Like Wiles said; I am open to answer any questions about; Tryouts, the regiment, our role & more. Either send me a friend request of steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/IGGarr/ or you can message me on the forums Thanks -Garr
  12. G'day man Hope you enjoy your new stay in the community.
  13. Wow, how long did that take for you to write? Oath, that's massive.
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