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  1. I know this isn't exactly a full solution to this but I think I would like to see this implemented as something a support role can use as well as medics. I also think supports should have it because in their support tests we do test them on rp e.g. treating a deep cut and i think treating a broken leg would be a thing a support can do.
  2. I gotta give this a fat +1 because I really like it personally and it would be decently fun for the medics (at least me). I have 1 question though. Will MTs be immune to this like they are diseases or will there be a way of self fixing (but it takes a bit longer idk)?
  3. Fludders

    The Best Of IG

    Part 2 coming soon! Give it to me NOW!
  4. I have absolutely no game dev skill but now i want to go play game dev tycoon. A game that requires very little game dev talent for something that has game dev in the name.
  5. I'm not judging you because I am now using the big fludder in my signature
  6. I agree with Sky's comment because although we are remembering ANZAC day on a Gmod SWRP server like Boris said before, we would still be remembering it in a way that shouldn't anger people with a memorial that would get shot and an event to do with the anniversary. We would just remember together the sacrifice of those in the great war.
  7. Hi all. I have been on the imperial RP server for a couple months now so I thought I should join the forums. On the server I am a medical trooper called Fludders. Come and say hi if you're free
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