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  1. Some of you will remember me, for those who don't, my name is Fludders and I played imperial rp for about two years. An IRL friend and have embarked on a new project, we will be filming Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in gmod. We would like your help with conquering this challenge and completing this quest. I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have, If you're interested in joining please join this discord server to make everything easier https://discord.gg/pg3abQD
  2. K BYE catch me in discord sometime
  3. The medbay is huge. The map is good.
  4. I'm not so sure, it seems like these point things are not that big. Gaining access to high tier weapons is a GIANT pain in the ass, i agree that this would make it easier to get high tier weapons, but not that much easier, i think it would just mean that new and kinda new players are a bit less intimidated by how ridiculously hard it is to get these things, and they'll see it as a hard but attainable goal. I'm amazed at anyone who even has the time to get these guns, how about make it a little less ridiculous and painful?
  5. yeah, around where i live it got orange at like 2:30 pm, me and my family went for a walk in it, was like super creepy. With it looking that bad over here i can't imagine what you lads in australia are looking at. At least it's a blue sky today, and i hope that the burning slows and the rain comes for all of you in australia.
  6. Fludders


    Later Sky! You're one of the best people I've met on IG and a constant role model to me and I'll miss you. Have a good one, friend.
  7. Awesome man! like the idea of being able to play 2 characters completely separate from each other!
  8. I know this isn't exactly a full solution to this but I think I would like to see this implemented as something a support role can use as well as medics. I also think supports should have it because in their support tests we do test them on rp e.g. treating a deep cut and i think treating a broken leg would be a thing a support can do.
  9. I gotta give this a fat +1 because I really like it personally and it would be decently fun for the medics (at least me). I have 1 question though. Will MTs be immune to this like they are diseases or will there be a way of self fixing (but it takes a bit longer idk)?
  10. Fludders

    The Best Of IG

    Part 2 coming soon! Give it to me NOW!
  11. I have absolutely no game dev skill but now i want to go play game dev tycoon. A game that requires very little game dev talent for something that has game dev in the name.
  12. I'm not judging you because I am now using the big fludder in my signature
  13. I agree with Sky's comment because although we are remembering ANZAC day on a Gmod SWRP server like Boris said before, we would still be remembering it in a way that shouldn't anger people with a memorial that would get shot and an event to do with the anniversary. We would just remember together the sacrifice of those in the great war.
  14. Hi all. I have been on the imperial RP server for a couple months now so I thought I should join the forums. On the server I am a medical trooper called Fludders. Come and say hi if you're free
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