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  1. yeah! then we can have e-sex after in a discord call haha! ~~~
  2. -1 When reading this app, it's easily seen that some more consideration needs to be put into the grammar of each answer. For example, in the response to the Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator? question, you begin the answer with "My reasoning for applying for the trial moderator role on the imperial gaming server". You don't need to mention the server you are applying for, it makes it seem like you are unneccesarily extending your answer. the answer to the previously mentioned question can be summed up to The reason I am applying for "Trial Moderator is due to my enjoyment on
  3. @Wingza I would like to have this app closed. I won't be able to have any attachment to the community for the next 7 weeks so It would be fit if this app were to be close. thank you very much for your time
  4. Bump Heinrich thought of the week: I don't have one, I have not had a single thought this last week
  5. +1 from my time being with him, he displays an honest Liking to people yet upholds a responsible manner whatever the situation may be. I'm my opinion, I think that he's a perfect fit for the staff team.
  6. Bump Heinrich thought of the week: Why is it when I get large quantities of blood on my shirt, it takes multiple washes to get the stain out. Man sometimes I hate my job haha
  7. Bump Updated time. Heinrich thought of the week: If I stare at the sun and have to close my eyes or look away, is the sun too bright or are my eyes too weak, for all I know people could have super eyes but the suns is super strong.
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