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  1. Effective use of Communications Communications and the use of /comms are very prominant features of SWRP and have been a staple of the Gamemode since it's conception. Being able to competently and effectivly use comms is important for all players to be able to direct relevant and useful information to individuals, groups and the entire server. For this reason I've decided to create a sort of information post that will help you use comms effectively; take this as my personal outlook on using comms effectively as there will be certain parts that you disagree with or may find unpractical.
  2. +1 There shouldn't be any doubt in anyone's mind who has been lucky enough to see Wombat uphold the values and standards of both the staff team and community. Wombat has proven that he can be an example for the community values in-game, out-of-character, as a staff member and as a general member of the community. Wombat has the experience, compassion and rationality to demonstrate all of the required attributes for a member of staff. Good luck.
  3. I would also recommend to anyone who currently plays EaW to keep an eye on the 'Fall of the Republic' mod that is being developed by the Thrawn's Revenge team.
  4. In the centre of our galaxy is a 'super-massive' black hole that is gradually pulling us, and everything else in the galaxy into it. Although the Milky Way and Andromeda would collide long before that happens. We live in a wonderful world.
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