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  1. Yuri

    Hey lol

    yes... yes you do
  2. I'm back, here to check in on you all. I've been through the ringer recently and I'm trying to put myself back together- whatever that means. How are you? Do anything interesting this month? Have you found a new hobby or interest? What do you like to watch on youtube? What type of music do you listen to? (Can I have an example)
  3. The statement "bring back ...." is a burden to Imperial Gaming.
  4. Dear Imperial Gaming, Hello, most people know me as 1071 'Jugger' on the sever, others know me as Yuri and some people know me, out of character as Rustla. I'm here today just to check in with the community and see how people think the server is going right now, what improvements would you like to see, and if you think there are any major issues or flaws. My opinions (not necessary to read) Please be respectful in the comments, this is to be somewhat constructive criticism post, not a personal attack on the server/players/etc.
  5. servers pretty cool, wish it had like, drugs or hookers or blackjack. but it'll make do.
  6. o7 Good luck out there, Sir.
  7. Yuri

    oh yeah

    sup, yeah sorry about chimaera... they were cool
  8. How are you? What is your favourite season? Do you prefer rainy or sunny days? Have you done anything interesting recently? I know I'm late, I forgot to post this.
  9. I think we might need to lock posts like this, which would suck but like... yeah
  10. POV: You believe that I am trustworthy and invite me to your faction.
  11. I've got my own little list below, but I would like to hear about what other people enjoy to watch and what interests them. WARNING: Some of these shows contain elements that can make viewers uncomfortable so please be warned. All of the shows contain violence and gore (blood, brutal death and viscera).
  12. Sovereign Protector. ISB Daddy @Arkan Grand General Jugger (just for Cammers) Dead. (finna kill jugger in a pog as fuck way)
  13. How are you? What is your favourite food? What have you been up to? Who's your favourite content creator? This sickness got me weak bro.
  14. Good luck in the big world lad. Farewell.
  15. How are you? If you could be any fictional character, who would you be? Do you have/had any pets? How was your week? Sorry I was late, I was sick yesterday and on some medicine.
  16. How are you? Have you learnt anything interesting this week? What's your favourite colour? If you could have any pet what would it be? I don't like Jenny but was her joke funny?
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