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  1. Yuri

    see ya

    so yeah, after almost like 4 years or whatever- i'm leaving, for good. have a celebration if that's what you want but i'm out. bye
  2. Tell me what the secret word is.

  3. No big surprise, but James Dean.
  4. To be abnormally stubborn.
  5. Yuri

    Loading screen

    Ugh... wouldn't recommend revealing your Steam API Key, because it means your account could be/already has been logged into (I think) and they can bypass 2-Factor Authenticator. https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey To obtain a new Steam API key, it is as easy as clicking the Revoke button and then registering a new key. This will turn your old API key obsolete and generate a new one. This way you make sure no one retrieves data through your Steam account’s API.
  6. Scream Team reign Supreme. fr fr.
  7. If we get a shit map, we're there too long and even then it takes like a year for a rotation to happen.
  8. I used to really like Maze Runner, Harry Potter fell off, and StarWars has always been something I'd be happy to watch if it was on, but I wouldn't go out of my way to watch it.
  9. Stop going through the activity tab on my profile.

  10. i'm just... Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this team event is gonna kill me but scream team will always reign supreme
  11. Don't look at my profile.

  12. I don't wanna read this post, can someone TL;DR me.
  13. What is a rather odd fact that is bouncing around in your head? Hitler was a vegetarian. Otters do a little dance when they need to poop.
  14. There are a range of minor things you could do, that doesn't get in anyone's way but gives just a little bit of immersion for people wondering around the ship. For example, just do some general communications (1), a solo patrol (2), separate patrol squads (3), and be a little bit 'clumsy' with your character (4). (1) (COMMS) CHARACTER: [ST] TK-1073, on stand by. > (COMMS) CHARACTER: [ST] TK-1073, awaiting orders. (just some basic comms to add some flavour) (2) You'd have to contact IHC for this, but just walk around alone in empty parts of the ship
  15. I bet you still kiss boys.

  16. You probably kiss boys.

  17. If you have complaints or feedback actually communicate it. / Talk to IHC, let them know your thoughts, because they aren't psychic. // It is not managements job to fix roleplay, they are there to adjust evident issues and keep the server running.
  18. i don't even know why i tried to... whatever
  19. Yuri

    Yay more media spam

    Who's that sexy suicide bomber on Fake Anaxes? god damnnn.....
  20. damn. shitpost status worse than me
  21. +1 Bring him back on a behaviour bond I believe you can do better Dodger, you've just got to prove it
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