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  1. lock post, Frank has provided insight uwu
  2. smh who's going to grief this time like every other IG Minecraft server inevitably
  3. wb idiot head tackxo
  4. jojo siwa goes sicko mode
  5. imagine watching yogscast in 2013 and basing your texture pack off of their jaffa factory series lmao couldnt be me
  6. The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit
  7. As Sterling stated, it is a day that honours the fallen of the ANZAC AND the Ottoman troopers both. The prime focus of the day is to honour the dead, not to glorify the war. I see in no way how a person could think a day for honouring the dead is a day of glorifying one of the most brutal wars in human history. It is a day of showing our respect to the brothers and sisters that sacrificed their life on that beach over 100 years ago for the freedom we now retain today. Although the Turkish may have ended up on the non victorious side (no one wins in war regardless), they still sacrificed their life for their people and thus are honoured alongside the ANZAC troopers today. Let's not argue any further.
  8. Imagine being that much of a soi boi that you think this is what ANZAC day really is. "mAyBe mY WiFe's bOyFrIeNd wIlL BuY Me a sWiTcH If i sAy tHiS!"
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