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  1. Alright this is a file on Zulu squad the Republic commando squad that RC-2656 'Nova" served in I'm not that good at this stuff but I'm always open to constructive criticism/ feedback So Please enjoy https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UC7gMsu6bl1v-vsI2T7awAXjX7dDweHbRiGnw2TVHt8/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I disembarked the T-4a shuttle i arrived on followed and steped onto the grey ash of sullust by a squad of storm troopers, It was the dead of night the moon was high and the only thing that was illuminated was the magma's glow. I had been sent on a mission to hunt down and kill a jedi and the rebel forces. I had tracked them to an abandon facility on Sulust. the facility was 500 meters away, so the Storm troopers and i made our way into the facility once we were inside the complexes walls rebels ambushed us killing 4 storm troopers. the rest of the troopers killed them without hesitation. this area was so quiet the echoes of the blaster bolts could be heard for miles. I left the rest of the Storm troopers to guard the entrance of the facility while i went in to investigate. Inside the facility was pitch black, i activated the heat vision setting on my helmet. their were five figures surrounding me all of them armed i pulled out my saber and activated it, the crimson red blade illuminated the room the rebels opened fire but they were helpless i decapitated 2 of them with one swing sliced ones arm off picked up the blaster and shot them in the head while slicing the other two in half. i deactivated my saber and continued on further into the facility. Then all of a sudden i saw the jedi, and he saw me and bolted away out the back of the facility. he jumped over machinery and used the force the throw metal at me but it didn't delay me. he eventually got out the back of the facility which lead to a lava lake. i sensed he had planed for this. I stepped out the back of the facility to meet the jedi. I spoke loudly "Deron piierel, how long has it been old friend" Dereon responded "long enough to realise that the empire is the worst thing to happen to the galaxy, Nox 'Nova' Crous". Deron paced back and forth and continued with "i thought you would be better than to join the empire instead of rebel like the rest of the mandalorians" i responded harshly with "multiple clans including mine joined the empire because they aren't fools like the rest, but enough chatter you know why i am here" deron sadly replied with "yes, yes i do old friend i was afraied that it would come to this". "you had your chance to join us and when you refused you knew this was your inevitable fate, and you accepted it". Deron: "well then lets get this over and done with then we best not keep the force waiting for one of us to fall for one of us to meet pour inevitable end". Deron droped his cloak off his shoulders and onto the grey ash. "Goodbye old friend" i said. We both un-clipped our lightsabers from our belts. Deron activated his lightsaber releasing a blue beam from the emitter, i acivated mine which released a crimson red blade. we both stood there in dueling stances, not a sound was made besides the humming of our sabers and the lava geysers erupting in the lake and the air was still, both of us waiting for one of us to strike. Then i charged at him using form seven while he countered with form three. each of us blocking, countering and parrying. Then we both struck each others blades entering a blade lock, he fought to keep himself and me in the blade lock. just as i was about to break the blade lock he used the force to throw molten lava at my helmet which melted through it leaving a burn mark on my face. I hastily threw off my helmet and kept duelling. I intensified my attacks each one more powerful than the next. the final strike was struck and i hit the lightsaber out of his hand sending it to the ground. i used the force to pick it up and sliced his hands off with it. i released all my anger that he had built up in me in a fury of kicks and punches slowly but surely beating him to death, his screams echoed throughout the area i threw him into the lava and let him burn. i commsed into the pilot and told them to prepare the ship for departure i made my way back through the facility and gathered what was left of the storm trooper squad and departed sullust for the ISD chimera.
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    Goodbye, Good luck, Have fun
  4. Name: Nova Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198856184120/ Playtime: 4 weeks Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Halo: The Master Chief Collection Anything Else You'd Like to Add?: Well done IG on 3 years and to the coming years ahead
  5. I have to say it is all true Jay is a Good Guy and the one dnd session i participated in that he ran, i really enjoyed
  6. can't wait to drive the TIE tank
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