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  1. Or you could flex on Welshy with a big boy gun.
  2. Working on fixing it ASAP
  3. In the time that I haven't been on my computer in 3 months it has somehow broken D:
  4. So many Notifications came from it, you can add me back if you want
  5. The reactions are worth it
  6. Due to a little more time, I might be returning to the server. BIG maybe. What are the regiments and events like these days? Who of the old boys are still around? Is Delta still a nerdy Engineer that I can still call hits on? Hope to see you guys soon
  7. Just want to say, even though I'm not as involved in the community anymore, I still see all the hard work that is being put into the server behind the scenes. I just want to let all of the media and staff team know that they are doing an amazing job and to keep it up because the hard work should not go un-noticed.
  8. I will make my return eventually. I'll always come back to you father.
  9. One day I will return as SK/RT and/or Military Police. I still get so sad everytime I think back to MP and how it's gone haha. I guess it's just something I could never move past and it made my time on Imperial less enjoyable.
  10. @Echo I do admit, I enjoyed tasing that ass on CW
  11. @Rivers This is a big part of the reason for my depature. Give it a few months when I'm finished with my second semester of University and I reckon when I come back I'll be keen to get back on that grind. I do suggest taking break as it makes the everyday tasks less like a chore but like fun again. Miss all you gamers, keen to come back and visit again sometime
  12. Someone get this man PAC!
  13. I'm sure all of the Clone Wars boys can remember back to Carnifex's Saxaphone wielding Mace Windu. That's nostalgia.
  14. I remember the day that you told me you were considering this on CW and I told you that you were crazy haha. Good to see that you're going through with it.
  15. Depends on how long he is chucking wood for. Let's consider the amount of wood as x. Then assume he is a good wood chuck, so lets say he can chuck 1 every 10 seconds so in terms of a minute he can do 6. For an hour he can do 60x. Therefore Albert Einstein was actually reincarnated as Bob Ross and you can't convince me otherwise.
  16. Great read, still remember little Hamish running around Rishi Moon
  17. Will miss you man, you did so much for me on Clone Wars and guided me in not only the military ranks but in the staff ranks. 07 brother, 07
  18. Damn, you're another legend that I forgot to mention. I'll drop by every now and then but I just lack the motivation and time to get on and be active
  19. @Sparx, @Jonathan, @Bailey and @Rivers you all made my experience so much more enjoyable as well. Thank you boys. Bailey, you'll always be my favourite inactive commander
  20. OMG I COMPLETELY FORGOT, you legit were such a top mate, I always enjoyed calling hits on you haha
  21. Alright, it's time for me to sit down and take the time to do this. I am announcing my depature from the server, whether it's permenant or temporary I don't know yet. I am extremely busy with university, work and living life to the fullest, I have struggled to find the time to play video games and devote the amount of time I see acceptable and respectable within the community. When I started playing on the server, I didn't take it seriously. I liked to muck around like everyone. Then I got bored of that and whilst on the venator walking past the simulation rooms, I saw the tryout signs for Military Police. I thought, hey, why not. After an hour of trying out, I was accepted into the military police. This began an amazing journey where I met so many amazing people. Throughout my time on the clone wars story I managed to work my way up to Major of military police. I felt I wanted to give back to the server and help to make it a safer environment so I joined staff and attained Trial Moderator. Throughout this clone wars experience, I have made many memories and met many people I quite honestly, will never forget. When my journey transitioned over to the imperial server, I was skeptical of what the experience was going to be like although, me and all my other clone wars players were welcomed by the imperial server. I managed to work my way to JT commander and Junior moderator. Whilst everyone I met made an impact on my life and experience, I have a few honourable mentions: @SiegeMonkey Always being supportive of me and guiding me @Happy Always delivering amazing events @Kassius Being the best commander I know @Gunter Love you mate @Kevin Always a good time @MikeyMatou Great events @Ragdig Always there to help @Carnifex Loved the saxophone wielding Mace Windu @Mongo Top Bloke @Dingo Rip SCARCT/501st So after all of this I just want to salute you all and thank you for what you have done for my life, Major CT-7123 Lochie Captain JT-01 Lochie Signing off 07
  22. BIG +1 Great descriptions and explanations of scenarios
  23. Sound like a mega nerd, but now I can see why you were playing WOW instead of commanding MP :D. Good luck mate!!
  24. Hope to see you come back again sometime. Gonna miss your presence big man
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